Top 5 Dallas Commercial Cleaning Services

If you want to clean and disinfect your working space, it needs a more strenuous attempt than asking your staff to clean up as they leave. Your clients and staff will feel much more comfortable and peaceful if the office they work in, is kept clean all the time.

A business cleaning service must do an excellent job every time it is allocated one. 

It means you don’t have to worry about anything, and it’s a lot less expensive than doing the cleaning yourself. 

Our mission is to bring people together with the greatest local professionals. So, without further ado, let’s start. 

1: Apex Genesis

Apex Genesis serves clients in Dallas and the surrounding areas. 

Nightly cleaning, thorough cleaning, floor maintenance, and turnkey services are among the services provided by the company. 

Janitorial services, such as high-dusting, window cleaning, and pressure washing, are also available. 

Apex Genesis can also help with remodelling, repair, and restoration. Since 2019, the company has been in operation. It backs causes that address social concerns such as veteran unemployment and homelessness.

2: Coverall 

A janitorial service from Coverall cleans office spaces for customers throughout the metro. To avoid the spread of disease, the firm removes microbial growths and mold from restrooms. 

It cleans conference rooms and common spaces by dusting and vacuuming them. Chemical disinfectants, industry-standard instruments, and sanitation processes are all part of the company’s four-core process. 

Coverall has served approximately 500 customers, including schools, gyms, industrial companies, and medical facilities, since its founding in 1985.

3: BCI Janitorial

It is a Dallas-based office cleaning business that provides skilled, meticulous cleaning for commercial facilities. This family-owned cleaning firm has 25+ years of service experience in the janitorial industry. 

BCI’s staff are trained in what they do, and the company does rigorous background checks before they hire people. 

They are delighted to provide personalized services to meet the demands of their clients and they are ready to respond to your queries 24/7. 

4: OneDesk

OneDesk is an online platform that makes booking, managing, and paying for commercial cleaning services in Dallas. The company connects its clients with vetted cleaning contractors and backs them up with a staff of cleaning experts. 

Janitorial cleaning, thorough cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and tile and grout floor cleaning are among the commercial cleaning services available. 

Onedesk’s services are covered by insurance and come with a quality guarantee.

5: Dallas Building Maintenance

Dallas Building Maintenance is a commercial cleaning firm based in Dallas that has been in operation for more than 40 years. Floor cleaning, polishing, window washing, carpet shampooing, air duct cleaning, and odor removal are among their cleaning services. 

They clean a wide range of structures, including hospitals, offices, restaurants, churches, retail establishments, and construction sites. 

Their cleaning crews are bonded and insured, and the company has a high rate of customer retention. Dallas Building Maintenance is dependable, according to customers.

How Can You Choose The Best One?

  1. You should choose a commercial cleaning company that has been in the industry for quite some years. Fortunately, the companies we have mentioned here have been in the business for more than decades, so that should not be a problem here.
  1. It’s also possible to use a local cleaner, however, we’d be careful if they’re a very new business. Whether you use a local or national cleaning service, make sure they have experience with your type of business.
  1. The truth is that most businesses do not want a cleaning crew to come in during the working day. This is not only inconvenient for employees, but it may also be a significant turnoff for customers. Instead of forcing you to work around their timetable, a smart commercial cleaning service will work around yours.
  1. Choose a cleaner that does more than one job when you hire it. Many commercial cleaning companies provide routine maintenance as well as more in-depth cleaning. Consider the cleaning tasks your office requires and what distinguishes your facilities.
  1. The majority of commercial cleaning services work at night. When employees are missing and the office is closed to the public, this means they’ll have to work inside your facility. You want to work with a commercial cleaning company that hires dependable and trustworthy employees.

The Bottom Line

Hence, you can choose the commercial cleaning service that is appropriate for you.

Once you go through this list, you will find ample options to choose from. We have made the list by collecting their reviews from customers and from online portals.

So, feel free to browse these firms online and let us know what you feel about hiring them. 

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