Top 6 Oils That Can Heal Skin Disorders

Top 7 Oils That Can Heal Skin Disorders

Individuals who are suffering from skin conditions need to consider using specialized oils to treat their skin problem. The focus will be on all natural oils that are available to the public without a prescription.

1. Lavender Oil

This fragrant oil is used to treat acne, Athletes foot, ringworm, Psoriasis and a host of other skin irritations. It should never be put on an open wound but is perfect for individuals who have skin that is inflamed. The concentration of the oil directly impacts the speed of your recovery so use oils that are highly concentrated.

2. Myrrh Oil

This oil is fairly expensive to acquire and should not be used by pregnant women. It is great for treating individuals with Eczema, dry skin, and other irritations. The oil is also anti-inflammatory which is great for treating most types of skin irritation. The oil has anti inflammatory

3. Geranium Oil

This oil is used to treat Eczema, head lice and has anti-aging properties that help keep the skin looking young. The process to extract this oil is labor intensive so it may be prohibitively expensive for some individuals.

4. Sandalwood Oil

If a person has dry, cracked skin then they need to start using Sandalwood oil and use it often. The oil helps the skin retain moisture by creating a barrier with the outside air. Along with creating this barrier the oil stimulates the skin cells to produce additional moisture which makes the skin appear young and supple.

5. Frankincense Oil

When a person uses Frankincense oil frequently their skin is going to start to glow. This oil has antibacterial properties which is great for treating acne prone skin. Not only does this oil kill off harmful bacteria but it also promotes the development of new skin cells. These new skin cells push off the dead, damaged cells that build up over time and create a thick cuticle on the skin.

6. Neroli Oil

If you have stretch marks from weight loss or pregnancy then this oil is something you need to work into your daily routine. When the oil is applied it promotes the formation of collagen which makes the skin feel tight while at the same time it reduces the prominence of the stretch marks so they are no obvious. The more you use Neroli oil the less obvious your stretch marks, so mothers who are pregnant or just recently had a baby need to start using this oil.

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