Top 6 Wedding Trends Set By Millennial’s

Top 6 Wedding Trends Set By Millennial's

Wondering what sets millennial’s apart from others?

The answer is, they sure do know what they want!

Their wedding day, if they do decide to get married, is just one example where millennial’s haven’t been afraid to take the reins of fun and ride all the way to the altar. Plus, they do it all in the easiest and trendiest ways possible.

Want to find out some of their secrets?

Read on below!

1. Tech Rules

The stunning bridal gowns and wedding dresses can now be captured in more than a simple two-dimensional image. Weddings now have their own hashtags, live feeds, and even holograms to preserve those moments forever.

Using technology in every aspect of a wedding is absolutely acceptable and trending right now. Whether you want to show off your Wedding Dresses, Bridal Gowns, Wedding Gowns | Azazie or just to interact with your family and friends, technology is the way to go.

2. Upping Registry Systems

Where there’s a wedding, there are wedding gifts. However, millennial’s have now tweaked registries to suit several purposes other than collecting fine bone china. Most of them have registries that allow for shopping according to their home layout; a highly convenient option.

Couples are also now registering for experiences as gifts instead of material objects. Most of this generation would highly prefer to have a world tour or even a hot air balloon adventure paid for than get a new toaster.

3. Toning It Down

There’s nothing quite like the millennial generation for keeping everything simple yet incredibly fun! We’re talking about carnival-themed rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties held on boats, or even having such events centered on a humble ice-cream truck.

The key element here is uniqueness. Once the event becomes something to remember, this generation is usually satisfied with their lot. It may be time to stop obsessing over filmy veils and think upon making your wedding Instagram-worthy!

4. Honeymoon Revamping

Top 6 Wedding Trends Set By Millennial's

Now that destination weddings are a raging trend, the honeymoon fever is somewhat abated. This only means that honeymoons are getting to be later instead of sooner, though. Couples want to make the most of this special trip by taking it some months or years after their fun-filled wedding.

Choosing one of the best honeymoon destinations make a lot of sense, since it gives us time to save up for a new trip instead of becoming flat broke or even going into debt. Let’s not forget that they just may have zero-fee honeymoon registry to save some cash!

There’s also room for more enjoyment because the traveling passion would have been fulfilled by the wedding itself.

5. Group Fun

Millennial’s may want everything personalized and customized to a tee, but that doesn’t mean there’s no sharing involved. Couples are now planning group adventures and trips in place of a honeymoon. There are even group gift options on registries as well as several such packages with travel companies.

Traveling in a group could be much more memorable, fun, and even safer than as a couple on their own. Some people may want their privacy, but a mutual squad of friends around could be an exciting way to kick off a new life together. If the newlyweds want to scamper off for some alone time, it’s their friends who would understand the most.

6. Alternative Cake

Dry cake layered with fondant isn’t only difficult to cut and serve but can be a pain to transport in the first place. With millennial’s around, this tradition is bound to die a natural death too.

Now, we can look forward to pull-apart cupcake cakes, practical and delicious sheet cakes, or just a more healthy version altogether! With vegans and allergies being acknowledged at most such events, some couples are opting to have cake alternatives like seasonal fruit desserts.  



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