Top Five Educational Apps

The face of education is evolving at a very fast pace thanks to the many improvements in technology. Gone are the days of traditional classroom learning. Today, students, teachers, and families can now connect and interact through a number of highly effective, highly interactive educational apps that they can access through their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. These apps provide a number of advantages and benefits for learners of all ages and if you are currently looking for the best app for yourself, your child or for your students, you should consider checking out some of the most top-rated educational apps today.

Top Five Educational Apps

1.) Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide world-class education to anyone anywhere in the world absolutely for free. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a home-schooler, or you simply want to learn something new everyday, you will have access to Khan Academy’s materials and sources without charges. The organization provides you with an extensive library of interactive content, assessments and videos within a wide range of subjects like math, science, history, finance and humanities.
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Khan Academy takes the concept of self-study to a whole new level. You even get to see your stats through a highly powerful tool that gives you insight on what you have been learning and whether you have been hitting your learning goals or not. Khan Academy is basically a global classroom that allows its students to study at their own paces and to learn through a unique curriculum specifically designed for the global learner.

2.) iBooks
Advancements in technology have finally taken the concept of education to greater heights. It looks like the days of paper-based education has reached its end and is now replaced by educational apps with the likes of iBooks. Educational systems are currently
encouraging the use of tablets in schools where students can simply download iBooks to study their lessons.

Why are they advantageous? First, there is the ease and convenience that it offers. Children do not have to go to school bringing heavy bags filled with books and papers. Instead, they just have to bring one slim gadget that fits in any bag. Second, iBooks are
easily updated. They are easily revised so that the content are always fresh and up to date with every new school year. Third, iBooks provide learners with an engaging and highly interactive way of learning making studying a lot more effective.

3.) Mathemagica
Elementary school children who struggle with numbers are finally going to enjoy a whole new way of understanding and grasping their Math lessons through Mathemagica. This flash card based educational tool for mathematics is currently one of the most downloaded educational apps in in the Internet today. This app is far from your ordinary flash card game. In fact, it covers a wide variety of mathematical topics that are designed for students in the first through fifth grades.

Mathemagica offers different training modes like Marathon and Practice mode to help get the learner from a basic to a more advanced level of learning. With its colorful graphic designs and engaging activities, elementary aged children will have loads of fun answering and learning different modules. Through Mathemagica they will eventually learn to love numbers and become Math wizards in and outside the classroom.

4.) Brainpop
Brainpop is the most creative, most artistic and most interactive educational app for students in grades K to 12. This curriculum-based app covers a wide range of subjects such as Science, Social Studies, English and Math. With Brainpop, children can learn through animated movies featuring the characters Tim, Moby and their friends. The use of animated characters in this educational app provides a fun and engaging platform for kids providing them with a way to get more deeply involved in the subject matter. From instructional animated videos to games with high entertainment and educational value, Brainpop is one of the most downloaded apps in the field of education today.

5.) Edmodo
Originally created with the goal to close the gap between how students live their lives and how they learn in school, Edmodo is uniquely designed to make students feel excited about learning in a familiar environment. Teachers can continue their classroom
discussions through this app by having online lectures, polls, games and quizzes. They can also reward their top performing students by giving them virtual badges and trophies. Teachers and school administrators can make use of this powerful app to connect them to a large network of educational resources that can take their teaching to a higher level. Edmodo is like having a virtual classroom allowing learners to take their subjects with them wherever they go.

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