Top Payment Processing Providers of 2018

Payment processing providers allow you to accept various payment methods, and this will boost your business. Presently, there are many payment processing services, all of which claim to provide the best rates and features. This is why we had to create a list of the four best payment processing providers of 2018.

This list should help you decide which company you should work with:


  • Square is one of the best-known payment processing providers. It offers a complete Point of Sale (POS) solution that suits small and medium-sized companies. With this service, you will be able to receive payments through POS stands, portable card readers, and chip card readers. It can be used in physical shops, web-based stores and even in applications.
  • Square works with all major credit cards and also accepts chip cards and NFC. Another advantage of the service is their built-in fraud monitoring and data encryption features. Also, you can quickly access your money since deposits are cleared in one or two business days. The service is also meant to accommodate additional POS hardware.

My Payment Savvy

  • passes almost all the criteria for the best payment processing provider. It offers competitive rates, flexible terms and is also transparent on its pricing. The service is meant for businesses of all sizes, including international conglomerates. Payment Savvy uses top-notch technology to process payments. For this reason, you will be able to receive your payments fast and securely. With their technology, the service is also able to integrate easily with all payment systems.
  • Getting an account with this company is very easy. Within 72 hours of signing up, your application will be reviewed, and you will be able to receive credit card payments.

Apple Pay

  • Apple Pay is another popular payment processing service. It currently has over a million users and is also used in physical stores and restaurants. The service is designed to work with most credit and debit cards. They also accept payments from other apps. Apple Pay will benefit your company by reducing customer lines, especially at peak hours. This is because their transactions are fast and don’t necessary need a physical credit card.
  • That being said, the service can only be used by customers with Apple phones or tablets.

Zuora Z-Commerce

  • This company offers billing, auditing, and payment processing services. It is designed to integrate easily with Salesforce and other websites. Integration with Salesforce is made possible by their Z-Force component. Through a application, you will be able to integrate the Salesforce Sales Cloud System with this service and, therefore, enjoy the benefits offered by both companies. Zuora offers a service referred to as Z-Billing. This will allow you to create billing that matches changing trends and various market segments.
  • The service has another component referred to as Z-Payments. This allows you to accept different payment methods and tailor your payment processing to enjoy lower rates.

Payment processing providers are important to your business. Limiting your payment options will turn away many potential clients and customers. One of these four services should suit your company.


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