Top Tips For Engagement Presents

If your partner has finally taken that deep breath and asked you to get married, you may be delighted. Perhaps he has already picked a ring for your or has offered you a family ring. If you haven’t yet got a ring and you are ready to go shopping, you are in for a treat!

Shopping for jewelry is always a reason for excitement. There is something about shiny things that makes us wide-eyed and childlike all over again. You can’t wait to find the right ring and show it off to all your friends. You’ll probably be staring down at it for weeks! Before you do pick the most expensive diamond in the shop, you may want to consider some other ideas for engagement presents.

First things first. You need to be ok with NOT having a diamond ring. Before the 1900s, diamonds were not marketed as the be all and end all for constant love. These days, diamonds are all we know for engagement rings, so not having one will take a change of mindset on your part. There are some stunning Victorian rings out there that were given as engagement rings, but few of them featured diamonds.

The second thing you need to do is visit a really good engagement ring specialist, so you know exactly what you are missing before you agree to take on an alternative to a diamond. For jewelry stores in Houston try Whiteflash. You should take the time to ask questions about the rings and their meaning too. Giving up something as beautiful as a high-quality diamond can be hard once you have seen them on your finger.

If you have checked out some good jewelers and you are still determined to try something different, ask yourself why. If you want to have a cheaper alternative to a diamond ring, you could try a cubic zirconia. Like diamonds, they come in different standards of quality. A good one could still set you back a fair amount of money, but they look every bit as amazing as a diamond to the naked eye. Perhaps it is all about the design of the ring for you.

Some couples opt for engraving messages of love on the inside of their wedding bands and engagement rings. Others like the ring design to have meaning in its own right. Knots and

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