Trading in Your Vehicle

Trading in Your Vehicle

It’s much easier for many vehicle owners to trade in there car for a new one rather than deal with the hassle of selling it yourself.  I must say it much easier plus, most dealers today have found ways to make the process quick and easy.

Trading in Your Vehicle

But before you head strait to the dealer to trade in your old car for a new one. There are a couple things you want to do. First you want to get your vehicle prepped for selling. This way you can be sure to get a decent price.  You want to make sure it’s very clean inside and out. Then make sure do do your research on how much it’s worth. Kelly Blue Book and is a great place to start.  Lastly before going in be sure you gather the vehicle title, documents and other valuable accessories that go with the car. 

Head down to the dealership were you would like to purchase your new vehicle and let them know you would like to trade in your current car.  At this time they will most likely do a visual inspection of your car, get your vehicle identification number and then run that number for more history on the vehicle to check its records. 

Next they will be checking other parts of the car such as: brakes, fluids, tire condition and other important parts of the vehicle. Lastly they most always take it for a quick drive before they make you an offer. 

What Will They Offer?

The offer you receive will depend on a few things such as the price of similar vehicles like yours already at auction and what they are selling for. Also if the dealer already has similar cars on the lot  and of course the most important is the condition of your vehicle and if the dealership will need to make any type of repairs to your vehicle to make it ready for resale.

When you’re trading in a car there are somethings to keep in mind. First you are under no obligation to make the trade in if you don’t like what they have offered you. Lastly you can always try to negotiate a little and maybe come to a better deal you like.

Now that you have agreed to a final deal for your trade in, and new car it’s time to do the paperwork so you can drive your new vehicle home. Now if you have a vehicle your trading in that you still owe on the dealership will have to wait to get the title from your lender before you can finish the process. But if you actually owe more on the vehicle your trading in car than what you are offered, you will have to pay the dealer the difference or you can have it rolled onto the loan for your new car. 

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