Transformers: Rise Of the Dark Spark 3DS

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Most recently I had the opportunity in reviewing a Nintendo 3DS game by Activision called, “Transformers: Rise Of the Dark Spark.” Hasbro’s hugely popular Transformers saga returns to celebrate its 30th anniversary with Activision Publishing’s Transformers: Rise Of the Dark Spark, a different, universe-bridging video game launching alongside the newest Transformer movie, “Transformers: Age Of Extinction.”

Transformers: Rise Of the Dark Spark 3DS

This game combines a clenching single-players story with a lively, co-op multiplayers mode. This fast-paced, action adventure gives players the chance to jump between two worlds Earth and Cybertron, shift lively between robot and vehicle forms in a flash and customize the perfect load out for churning foes into scrap.

This awesome action game has some epic features: -A Bridge between Worlds- Piecing together the fabric of two universes, Transformers: Rise Of the Dark Spark links director Michael Bay’s Transformers movies and Activision’s Cybertron video games for the very first time. Including over 40 playable characters from the noble Autobots and treacherous Decepticons, worlds smash together in this epic battle between good and evil to claim an ancient, powerful relic….the Dark Spark.

Transformers: Rise Of the Dark Spark 3DS

In this game Escalation mode returns, having up to four players cooperatively against waves of increasingly brutal adversaries in a hectic struggle for survival. The start of upgradable defense structures, a larger cast of playable characters and daunting Power Foes from Transformers lore triggers new possibilities for teamwork, strategy and heroics.

This game has an awesome new leveling system that transforms single-player and multiplayer into one unified, persistent character development path. During Campaign and Escalation mode you can unlock new characters, items, weapons and abilities that can used throughout the game. The game also has modifiers that allows players to amp up the speed.

Transformers: Rise Of the Dark Spark is a turn-based, tactical strategy and action game based on the same storyline as the console game. Opposing armies can transform in vehicle form to cover a larger distance quickly on a grid-like battlefield, maneuvering tactically for ranged attacks and special abilities. Once in melee range of an enemy soldier, players may choose to cut away to a 3D combat arena, where the two units can duke it out with a variety of powerful attacks. This game’s campaign mode ventures over 32 missions across both Earth and Cybertron.

Transformers: Rise Of the Dark Spark 3DS

Gamers can play as their favorite characters and explore these two worlds in a righteous battle to secure the ancient and powerful relic….the Dark Spark.

My youngest son is very fascinated by the Transformers and has liked them for a very long time so I had to have him help me review this new game. He loves action adventure games and enjoyed every part of this game. He loved the Escalation mode which is basically like a survival mode where you and three other players(optional) have to survive and defeat against endless waves of enemies.

This game has some awesome combat features, that any gamer will love and adapt to. The large range of missions help you venture through both Earth and Cybertron as your favorite robotic characters to unlock new items that will help you throughout the rest of the game. The graphics are good for a 3DS game, and the controls are easy to use. The mission are fun yet challenging as you move further through the game. Over 50 Characters: Including Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, and new movie Transformers characters!

Publisher: Activision Publishing, Inc. Developer: WayForward Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation3, PlayStation4, PC, Wii UTM, Nintendo 3DS, Rating: T (Teen) E10+.

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