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Trind Perfect System Review & Giveaway

I have always had nice nails but once they start to grow a little they break and chip, and my cuticles and skin are always so dry looking. So I’m consistently trying new products to make them stronger and healthier. The most recent product I tried is called Trind Perfect System. I have been using this product for the last 2 weeks. And I am so very happy with the results. My nails have been growing long and strong. I also have had no chips or breaks. My skin is very soft and no longer dry looking. Each product had a very pleasant smell. Except for the nail repair, It was not a bad smell at all. Just the usual nail polish smell. The kit was very easy to use with easy instructions. I keep my kit right at my desk so I remember to use it each day. It’s hard to find a product that does just what it promises. I can honestly say I love how my nails now look just like the beautiful nails shown on Trind. This product did just what it promised! I now have perfect growth, perfect nails, perfect cuticles and perfect hands! Thanks to Trinds Perfect System.

Here is a picture of my nails before I started using the Trind Perfect System. This is about as long as they ever get just before breaking and chipping. You can see some dry spots in the photo around my cuticles.

The Trind Perfect System comes with 6 products for perfect growth, perfect nails, perfect cuticles and perfect hands. Each kit contains:

  • Extra Mild Cuticle Remover
  • Manicure Stick
  • Cuticle Repair Balsam
  • Nail-Magic Buffer
  • Moisturizing Nail Balsam
  • Natural Nail Repair
  • Hand Repair Cream (25 ml)
  • Trind Bag to keep everything in
  • Perfect System Brochure

Here is a picture of my nails after using Trind Perfect System for 2 weeks. I love how beautiful they look now.  I like how they appear to have a permanent french manicure. NO MORE fake nails for me. Just beautiful perfect nails!

Trind Nail Care Products:

  • Trind Hand and Nail Care Kits
  • Cuticle and Nail Treatments
  • Other Trind Nail Products
  • Trind Skin Repair Products
  • Manicure Tools

The Trind secret is in the balance between strength and moisture. Trind’s unique formulation penetrates the nail creating webs of protein and strength, while maintaining adequate moisture. Nails become strong, flexible, and beautiful.

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Every day for 14 days,

  • Apply Moisturizing Nail Balsam to clean nails; remove previous coat of Trind Nail Repair. Make sure the nail is dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • Apply 1 thin coat of Nail Repair in Natural, Matte, Pastels or Pearls.

You’ll be thrilled with the results in fact, Trind guarantees it!

Take the Challenge

Where to buy:

A little about Trind and their Products

Trind was founded in 1988 and is Europe’s most trusted and respected line of hand and nail care. It is found in the finest perfumeries from St. Tropez to the Champs Elyseé in Paris, and from Stockholm to Milano.

Trind is now fast achieving the same status in the United States, having been selected by the spas of Saks 5th Avenue, Dillards, Lazarus Ecotage and Bliss. News of Trind is spreading like wild fire as women everywhere share their stories about the incredible results Trind achieves!

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We are also having a HUGE giveaway Sponsored by Trind! 5 fans will win a Trind Perfect System Gift Set! (valued at $69.95) Enter Below GIVEAWAY CLOSED See winners list here.

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Disclosure I received products from for free and some to giveaway from in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Suzy Sullivan says

    GOOD LUCK Everyone!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Melissa B. says

    I have very thin, flexible nails that break at the quick easily.

  3. Charlene Kuser says

    I have a problem with my nails being brittle and breaking off and also have dry and ragged cuticles

  4. Trisha McKee says

    My nails will grow and then peel and break all the way down!

  5. shirley zolenski says

    My nails are brittle and break easily

  6. Caitlin McClure says

    They split!

  7. I have weak, soft nails

  8. Brenda Elsner says

    My nails are weak and break all the time.

  9. my nails are too brittle, if they get any length to them they quickly break

  10. My cuticles are dry and my nails split.

  11. Sarah Yurga says

    My nails split and peel – frustrating!

  12. susan smoaks says

    i always snag them on things and they break

  13. Paula Tavernie says

    Cracking and peeling!!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  14. Angela Cash says

    My worst nail issues are ridges and dry cuticles.

  15. Sherry Eckman says

    My nails seem to peel and break off at the tops.

  16. Peggy Rydzewski says

    My daughter has a anti-immune disease that cause severe ridges on her nails.

  17. Christy Weller says

    My nails break so easy, I can’t really grow them for long.

  18. Marie Howard says

    brittle nails! thank you!

  19. I usually have very strong nails but lately for some reason they keep peeling and they’re quite brittle.

  20. Jennifer Reed says

    My nails are very weak.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  21. natalia ryjova says

    my nails never grow long enough. they just break

  22. Chrystal J. says

    My nails break easily.

  23. Rebecca Peters says

    Mine crack 🙁

  24. dani marie says

    cuticles crack and weak nails.

  25. my nails break easily.

  26. My nails are very thin and brittle. They break easily. They will also crack in the middle of the nail bed- can be very painful when they get caught on things.

  27. My poor nails are brittle so they break 🙁

  28. they grow so long and break. 🙁

  29. My nails are super-fragile and bend and split easily. I also have issues with my cuticles–they’re badly overgrown and dry.

  30. Inez Cegelis says

    I get spots on them after spending time in the pool

  31. My nails tend to fray & peel once they reach a certain length.

  32. Crystal Street says

    Dry cuticles, thin and brittle nails 🙁

  33. Kisha Cotton says

    my nails are thin and break easily

  34. Malea Gardner says

    Trying to keep my nails all one length, as soon as they are they break!!

  35. I have thin nails.

  36. nell lamb says

    Mine are thin, and split easily

  37. Keisha Newport says

    Would love to try this. I keep hang nails and my nails break so easily.

  38. My nails will grow wide and the are so easy to chip if I polish my nails it will chip off before I get out the door.

  39. I have very brittle nails that always break and chip before they can grow. I really want to have long natural nails

  40. My nails tend to vary between peeling and brittle. I get them to a certain length and find that crescents break out of the tips. 🙁

  41. Leann Lindeman says

    My cuticles are always a mess..

  42. Beth Flack says

    I would love to try this product!

  43. Suzanne Deleon says

    Oh, my hands are a mess! I’m like you, my nails will grow to a certain length and then start to chip and break! My cuticles, well lets just say, I would rather not have people looking at my hands! They split and crack and sometimes really hurt! My hands are dry too! Boy, would I love to be able to win this, and see the beautiful results you received from this amazing product, Trind!
    Thanks for this great opportunity to win!

  44. Tammy Hoffa says

    dry cuticles and mine break and get weak after they grow a certain length

  45. Dry cuticles

  46. Christine Dell says

    THis product looks WOOOONDERFUL!! the biiiiiiggest problem i have with my nails is dehydration that leads to splitting and breaking off…i used to be a swimmer and the cholorine was MEEEAAANN to my nails then too

  47. Tiffany B. says

    My nails crack/break extremely easily…as if they are dry :-/

  48. Myranda Akin says

    I have pretty strong nails, but my poor cuticles. They’re always tearing or infected, and there’s not much I can do for them!

  49. Nikki Elkins says

    I have cracked cuticles and hang nails.

  50. sometimes they crack

  51. Paige Kelley says

    My nails break very easily.. I used to bite them all the time and now they just break on their own 🙁

  52. Melissa Ramos says

    my nails are brittle

  53. sheila CUMMINGS says

    I have nails that peel…..

  54. niurka garcia says

    My nails always break

  55. Natasha Black says

    Would love a chance to try this!

  56. elven johnson says

    I have ridges & splitting nails.

  57. mary ortiz says

    my nails are very thin, fragile, they easily break, peel, and get lots of hangnails too.

  58. Alicia S. says

    my nails split and break!

  59. paige chandler says

    My nails are thin. Sigh

  60. Heather Forseth Grant says

    My nails peel…..hate that!

  61. Rebecca A. says

    My nails tend to bend, break, and peel. I have bad cuticles, too, no matter what cream or lotion I use.

  62. Deena Martin Bailey says

    I have a problem with splitting and tearing at the corners. Sometimes I can bump something and they snap off. So maddening!!!!! Would absolutely love to win!!

  63. Sara Logan says


  64. Would love to try this as a CNA my nails are in rough shape and could use some help.

  65. Connie Torres says

    My Nails are very brittle. I would love to have this!!!

  66. Angie Huckleby says

    What a very nice gift. My nails are so dry and brittle they can use all the help they can get!!

  67. I have the same issues as you. My cuticles are always dry. This Cali weather and hard water kills my skin. >.<

  68. I have very weak brittle nails.

  69. My nails are chip so easily!

  70. Suzy Sullivan says

    What an AWESOME Giveaway!!! I desperately need a new nail routine and new products to try!!!!

  71. Nathaniel says

    Have a constant problem with splitting and chipping nails, would like to give Trind a try.

  72. Cayla Toering says

    My nails break easy.

  73. This system looks so great !!! Would love to try it and have those beautiful nails…

  74. lauren knott says

    My nails are always breaking!

  75. Patty Haughey says

    I have thin brittle nails

  76. My nails are thin and they chip and break very easily.

  77. barbara tryon says

    My nails start to chip as they grown longer and this is an awesome giveaway thank you

  78. Rhonda McDermitt says

    My nails are thin.

  79. chrissy rogers says

    My nails are weak

  80. Carmelita says

    My nails break so easily.. they split and crack and they just plain stink.. of course being a mom and doing dishes and cleaning and all that sure doesn’t help them… maybe this stuff will help them 🙂

  81. Lately I’ve had more problems with my nails chipping and tearing along with dry cuticles.

  82. javeta acker says

    my nails grow,but they are brittle and break or crack easy so they don’t stay long for long….this sounds so nice thanks for the chance to win!

  83. My nails are thin and break often. I can never get them to grow long

  84. sharon winne says

    They break when they grow, split,and ridges

  85. Rocio Garcia Skinner says

    Between typing, playing piano and teaching guitar, my nails tend to split or break

  86. omg! What a wonderful giveaway! I really need nails makeover! 🙂

  87. Miesha L says

    My nails peel and break very easily

  88. would love this

  89. tamma Borzotra says

    my nails are rigid and brittle

  90. Amanda Sakovitz says

    my nails always tear on the sides so i always have to cut them.

  91. Chrissy Nestor says

    Mine break easily and it’s my biggest problem.

  92. my nails are very brittle

  93. Sue Ellison says

    My nails break before growing very long.

  94. Debra L. Guillen says

    cuticles need help

  95. dry cuticles- but other than that my nails are strong

  96. My nails have a lot of white damage spots that need TLC.

  97. Tina Knezevic says

    I have VERY thin nails that bend and break very easily

  98. Anita A. says

    My nails are starting to get brittle and the cuticles are always dry.

  99. Debra Barber says

    Nail Candy!! Awesome!!

  100. Ada Miller says

    My nails break easily and they crack and dry around my cuticle. Thanks for the giveaway!

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  101. Jessica P says

    My nails are fragile and break easily.

  102. Would LOVE to try this out!

  103. Amy Martinez says

    My nails split easily. I’d love to try this.

  104. like blog post

  105. would love to have beautiful nails

  106. Wende Sampson says

    My nails chip and split easily, this kit would be great to have, thanks for the opportunity!

  107. Nicole F. says

    This looks so neat, and I think it would be amazing to win this!

  108. Jenine h. says

    My nails are weak and break easily.

  109. Amberlee Cave says

    Love this giveaway! I hope I win!!! My nails need a serious make over!

  110. Desiree @ says

    As a recovering nail biter I am glad to see more products I can use to help me grow pretty nails. Thanks for sharing! I need to get a hold of these.

  111. Samantha S. says

    I have the worst nails… they are constantly breaking or cracking, and the cuticles are so dry 🙁

  112. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  113. Daisy's Reviews says

    my nails are to soft and breaks to fast

  114. Glitterpukee says

    OMGGG!!! I would love to try this out. Totally going to look into this <3 Hopefully I win ;D

  115. Alaina Bullock says

    My nails always peel and break so easily! Especially as they get longer, and that’s not even to mention dry cuticles!

  116. Alaina Bullock says

    I have been looking for something that really works on my poor nails! Thanks for telling me about this!

  117. fran gilmore says

    my nails brake and split , and are not smooth

  118. Ali Brie says

    Oh, i am totally entering this. I have the worst cuticles :/ Would love to try this! thanks for the opportunity!

  119. Jennifer Williams says

    Sounds like a great product. I will have to try this.

  120. bonnie holt says

    when my nails grow they brake

  121. LisaLisa says

    My nails are so weak. I would love to try out Trind products and Gr8 review also!

  122. christine porter says

    the issues i have with my nails is,they are old(i’m 59)…and they are very brittle!!! please help!!! thank you

  123. Tracy Muire Hamill says

    My nails are thin and break easy.

  124. Nichole C says

    hmm lets see I have really brittle nails that always break or crack and peel. I also have a permanent split on my thumb nail from getting gel/ acrylic nails for so long. I could definately use the help!

  125. My biggest issue is dry cuticles and peeling of my nail 🙁 This looks like a fantastic product though!

  126. Heather McCormick says

    Mine are very weak and brittle. They grow so long and then they all break off…

  127. ann beck says

    I have nails that start peeling and cracking

  128. Brandi Mitchell says

    I have thin nails and the break very easily

  129. Naina John says

    They break after growing.

  130. Brandi Mitchell says

    looks like a great product I’d love to try it!

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