Troubleshooting When Your Car Won’t Start

There are a lot of things that can happen to your vehicle that can cause it not to start. But don’t worry too much, there is almost a solution for every problem. Really pin pointing the reason why can be difficult for some drivers, so here are a few things to check to help you find a solution as to why your vehicle will not start. 

Troubleshooting When Your Car Won't Start

1.  Dead battery.
The top common reason could be a dead battery. To check if it is actually the battery, if you have a battery tester try using that to measure the cranking amps. You can also tell if the battery is dead when you try to start the car but makes a clicking noise but won’t actually start. However,  if you do not have a tester, try having a friend jump start your car for you, if it starts up right away, then it definitely was your battery that was the issue. 
2. Battery corrosion. 
Over time the battery posts can become corroded and that breaks the connection between the battery and the rest of your car. Make sure the posts are clean.
3. Rainy outside?
If it is rainy outside and your car won’t start, check your car’s distributor cap and see if there is moisture, get Mechanic’s Solvent, which ever will work best for you, and use it on the cap. Afterwords wipe it off with a microfiber cloth, then put the cap back on. 
4. Key won’t turn while in the ignition?
Sometimes if the key won’t turn in the ignition could either mean the steering is locked by the ignition lock. That usually happens when the wheels are turned for example, if you’re parked on a hill or if the front wheel is against a curb. To help fix this you can try turning the wheel left and right while jiggling the key to help release the lock so your can turn the key and start the car.
Another reason could be because there is something wrong with the key itself or the ignition lock, in this case you may need a spare key or call your mechanic. 
5. Car won’t start in cold weather. 
With the chilly weather approaching us quite quickly, some people may not love the weather for many reasons. One reason may be because their car won’t start in this weather. This happens because the cold can make the oil in your car thicken and make it harder for it to travel through the car to the other parts to help it get started. It can also slow the chemical reaction the battery has. To help with this try finding an oil with a different viscosity. 
These are just a few things can can be happening to you car that could possibly be the reason why it will not start, if the issue still persists call your local trusted mechanic. Maybe car troubles have been happening for a while and it’s time for a new rid. In that case head on over to Patrick Cars they have plenty of new and pre owner inventory you are sure to find the vehicle for you.
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