TrustyPup Bed Review

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TrustyPup Bed Review

My dogs are great and they deserve great things. I try my best to spoil them once and a while, like get them new types of treats, a new squeaky toy, or even a new comfy bed. Our dogs do lay on the tile, but once their furry tush is on a nice comfy bed made for just them, you can see how happy they are. But not just any bed, dogs can’t just be given any bed, just like any person, they’ll feel great and have a great day if they sleep comfortably.

TrustyPup Bed Review

I have gotten all different kinds of beds for my dogs in the past. I have flat ones, small cushioned ones, and a large one. It sucks because my furry babies can’t talk and they can’t tell me what they really need. So I try my best.

TrustyPup Bed Review

Most recently I had the chance in reviewing, the TrustyPup Orthopedic Pet Bed Sensi Sofa. TrustyPup offers superior comfort regardless of a dog’s size, age or sleep style. TrustyPup even has a little color coded map, letting you figure what bed best fits your pets’ needs. Whether your pooch needs a little extra help to rejuvenate their body as they sleep, or if they are more of a cuddle sleeper that’s all curled up, or if they like the stretch and spread out, and even just for a little power nap, or to be comfortable anywhere.

TrustyPup Bed Review

The TrustyPup Orthopedic Pet Bed Sensi Sofa is made with Convoluted Foam, which provides extra cushioning and support, easing painful pressure points. They use the same quality used in human bedding. My little Chihuahua, Mia has a little small bed for herself, and my bigger dog Roscoe has one as well, so when this bed arrived in the mail it was just the right size for my Pitbull, Passion. She’s a medium sized dog and she fit in this comfy bed perfect.

TrustyPup Bed Review

I knew she loved it as soon as I set it down on the floor in front of her. She jumped right in it, smelled it bit then curled up in it. Passion is more of a cuddler, and likes to curl up when she sleeps, but she is also very energetic and is running around the house playing with the other dogs, so I know her body is tired and restless at the end of the day. The TrustyPup bed is made with the rejuvenate needs a pet has, so when she lays down she can have her muscle loosen up and relax. She lays in it every day, I actually sat on it to see how it felt, and it’s so comfortable honestly. The convoluted foam is a perfect fit for this bed. If i was the size of my dog I would curl up in this bed and sleep in it myself!

TrustyPup Bed Review

TrustyPup Bed Review

TrustyPup Bed Review

It is such a great quality bed, and I plan on getting other ones for my other dogs in the future, they all deserve to sleep comfortably.

Convoluted foam provides extra cushioning and support, easing painful pressure points. Ours the same quality as is used in human bedding.

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  1. Wildish Jess says

    My dog didn’t care for beds when she was younger but now that she’s older she’s obsessed!

  2. Heather Pfingsten says

    These beds look so comfy. I would need two of them since I have two pups but I am afraid they would fight over them anyway. Still, this looks comfortable enough for me to rest my head when I am petting them. Too cute!

  3. CourtneyLynne says

    Ooooo this sounds like one comfy bed for your fur babies!!!! I bet both of mine would love it!

  4. How adorable! My dog needs something like this, but he prefers to sleep in my bed. ~lol~

  5. Your dogs are so cute! This bed looks so comfortable for them. My dog does not have a dog bed. We bought one a few years ago and my dog ripped it up. Now that she is a little older I think she needs to try one again.

  6. Amber Killmon says

    We’re in the market for a new dog bed and this looks perfect. It definitely looks comfortable and good for cold weather months.

  7. I might give the dog my bed and take that one. Looks super comfy!

  8. Shaney Maharaj says

    Wow, that bed looks amazing. I bet its really comfortable too. They deserve the luxury beds.

  9. Terri Beavers says

    I need one of those beds for Peanut. I can tell that your pup really loves it and it really does look like a comfy dog bed.

  10. Adorable dogs! And that is such a nice looking dog bed and looks like your dog loves it. Nice color too!

  11. lauren happel says

    Looks like your pup is loving the bed!

  12. uprunforlife says

    My dogs would probably enjoy this bed. They are spoiled rotten though and usually, sleeps with my oldest son in the bed. I want to train my Yorkie to sleep in a dog bed. He is usually by my side during the day.

  13. It looks like they love it! That looks very comfortable! I bet they all fight over it.

  14. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This would be the perfect bed for my Sisters little dogs. She loves to spoil her fur babies.

  15. Wow these look like great dog beds. I need to get my pup a new one.

  16. Rebecca Swenor says

    This TrustyPup bed sounds amazing for sure. It looks like the one took it over. lol I know my dog would love a bed like this one and It would make for a great Christmas gift idea for him. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous furbabies and this awesome bed.

  17. I can’t stress enough on the importance of giving your pets a great of TLC. That pup bed is just love. It looks so comfy, your dogs are gonna adore you for it, for sure 🙂

  18. Lisa Heath says

    Oh my goodness I want to snuggle with those pups! I don’t have dogs, but my mom does and their beds are looking pretty ragged, so maybe i’ll surprise them with new beds this year for the holidays!

  19. Your guys are so cute! I really love that bed, too. I think my dogs would use it a ton.

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