Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Safest and Budget Friendly Car Seat

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Safest and Budget Friendly Car Seat

You cannot travel without a child seat in a car. Right from the first car trip from the hospital, the car seat comes a long way as the baby grows. The main reason why anyone would use a car seat is to help the baby to travel safely. The choices that one makes to choose the right seat is important to find out if your baby is comfortable and enjoying the trip.

What should you look for while choosing a car seat?

1. Harness

A car seat with a 5 point harness is the best. The harness has straps attached from five-points

  • Two in the shoulders,
  • Two in the hips, and
  • One between the legs.

It is important to choose a harness that is easy to adjust as the child grows. It should have a snug fit, not be too tight or loose.

2. The direction of the car seat

Ideally, it should be rear-facing until the child is 2 years old. A rear-facing seat can save a child from potential injuries. Sometimes, choosing a car seat could confuse you. If you have a child who has outgrown the rear-facing car seat, get the best forward facing car seat. The most popular type is the convertible car seat. With options to convert it from rear facing to the front, it is a money-saver but could be expensive to buy. Apart from being expensive, many do not wish to get a convertible seat. It could be difficult to use the same car seat for years.

3. Latch System

Since 2002, most car seats are attached to the main seat using a latch system. The top tether and the bottom anchor helps you fix the car seat better. Look for one with an easy to fix latch system when you buy. The latch system should also be easy to use.

4. Impact Protection

There are modern car seats with padding design along the sides. They are safer. The side impact protectors are designed to safeguard the head, neck and the chest of the baby. These seats are also tested for side impacts to check their durability. Check for the impact-tested car seats when you buy. They are safe for the baby, protecting it from unexpected collisions.

5. Ease of Cleaning

As a parent, it is good to expect a child’s car seat to become dirty. No matter how strict you are about bringing food into the car, there is always a chance for a messy car. There could also be spit-ups while traveling. Most of the car seats available today are easy to remove. Having a machine-washable car seat cover is ideal when you have small children. While buying, look for one that is easy to manage.

6. Comfort

The child would spend all the time in the car seated on the car seat. It is important to choose a car seat that is comfortable. Apart from the harness, the padding should also be noted. Too much of padding could make your child feel hot during summer. Check for reasonable padding for a comfortable ride with your baby. Check if the baby would be able to sleep well in the seat while traveling. Getting recommendations from known family and friends could help you choose right.


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