Undefeated Review

I recently had the pleasure in reviewing a wonderful Academy Award Winning movie, Undefeated; Character will be revealed, directed by Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin.
This was a touching documentary about the underfunded and underprivileged high school football team, the Manassas Tigers. A football team with no hope and no future unite together and make an amazing comeback with their volunteered coach, Bill Courtney, who fathers his players and makes sure that they are 100% committed as well as true to who they are. It focuses on three high school students: O.C, Money, and Chavis as they reach their goals in life, yet with a few obstacles for them to overcome. This movie will make you love, laugh, and care. It is truly a boys to men type of movie. Watching someone make something of  themselves is fantastic.

Undefeated Review
I really didn’t know what to expect before I watched Undefeated. I’m not a sports fan, and trust me, you don’t have to be to like this movie, let alone love it!
In the beginning of the movie it started off by describing the history of the Manassas Tigers, and how they have never won a game in 14 years.
As the movie progressed more, I was on the edge of my seat, surprised by how much I was so “into” the movie.
Again, I have to be honest, I did tear up in parts of the movie. Events happened that had my jaw wide open, and then there were parts where I was cheering!

Undefeated Review

It didn’t have many bonus features, but what it did have was a feature commentary with directors Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, Deleted Scenes, Black and White Trailer and Making of Undefeated.
I highly, highly recommend this movie to nearly anyone. Undefeated was amazing and inspirational! I do plan on watching it again.
Run time is 114 minutes, and it is rated PG-13.

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