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Some people love clothing and really get into it and follow all the latest fashions. They buy the magazines, check out the photographs of the models showing off the next big designer creations down the seasonal catwalks in London, New York, Paris and Milan.

Others take a more pragmatic approach. Sure, they want to keep up with fashion trends and they enjoy looking good, but they like a bit of fun as well. They want to be comfortable in what they wear but they also like to have a bit of individual style.

Individual style

Individual style doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money.

Individual style can simply mean a unique way of wearing something from a high street shop or adding something special – a personal touch – to a garment, whatever the garment is.

Going back in history, it’s hard not to see that even from the earliest times, people have wanted to add a touch if individuality to the clothes they wear.

Making it unique

Think of a feather, a piece of heather, a ribbon, a splash of color, an embroidered badge, a logo – a printed on name or slogan. Anything to make the ordinary be just that little bit extraordinary, that little bit different. Something unique.

People of every culture and civilization, no matter their status in society, have always put their own mark on the clothes they wore.

People are no different today. In fact, if anything people are more likely to personalize or customize their attire than ever before. Whatever the piece of clothing is, people today like to put their own stamp on it.

Whatever it is can be wholly personal, it doesn’t have to be a corporate or even serious. While it can be serious, as in a serious message, it can also be fun. The choice is out there.

Individual, club or corporate

The people at Brandawear.co.uk can help with putting the choice into practice. They can help turn the plain garment into the special one, the one that gets the message across, whatever the message happens to be, be it individual, club, team or corporate.

Garments include t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jogging pants, polo shirts, fleeces, work wear, sportswear, childrens wear, knitwear, caps and badges, and even accessories such as underwear, socks towels, belts, robes, slippers, umbrellas and blankets!

Brandawear.co.uk offers a range of options to get the message across on that t-shirt or team shirt or rugby top.


They offer direct to garment printing for high resolution and the more detailed designs or, for artistic designs, they create printed clothing with transfer printing. Designs and logos can also be embroidered and stitched on for a more traditional look.

Check out the Brandawear.co.uk website and see their range of high-quality, affordable garments which can then be customized with a desired logo or image.

The color of the garment can be matched with the color of the organization, club or business and the message – whatever it happens to be – can be declared to the world!

George Christo has a passion for Customized t-shirts, work wear embroidery and team wear – this is his job and his world. You can connect with him on Google+.

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