United Nissans Don Forman and His Simple Equation to Help Others

If you’ve ever watched Fox5 Surprise Squad, then you’ve probably heard about Don Forman, the owner of United Nissan and Tustin Nissan in Las Vegas and California, respectively. The businessman has been giving away free cars to lucky recipients since 2014.

What people probably didn’t know is that the germination of the idea came from Forman himself. If you’ve ever come across this low-profile businessman, the first impression that will strike you is how down-to-earth he really is.

That’s why it’s no surprise how simple his equation was on how to help others because it’s borne out of his personality.

His formula was simple: help what you can to as many people as you can.

Forman believes that every small gesture will have the life-changing impact to a person in need at the right moment. It’s all about perfect timing. Of course, a free car is not a small gesture but that’s the gist of his philanthropic principle.

What Forman is trying to teach everybody is he’s not special. He may be in the position to give away free vehicles but the gesture doesn’t have to be as grand as that. It doesn’t even have to be a material gift. Even as simple as listening to the homeless who are feeling less and less human every day by the way they are ignored.

It’s about being aware and calling 911 to prevent domestic violence or child abuse. It’s about volunteering your service at the shelter, leaving some cash at the vending machine for someone else, buying somebody food, picking up litter on the street, cooking dinner for a poor family, volunteering your time at the orphanage, or donating your clothes to the Salvation Army.

Forman has always said that philanthropy is not a commodity of the rich. Although they can probably change lives quicker because of their resources, everybody can pitch in to help others, as well. Even if these small gestures may create small ripples in a big pond, it’s not about the numbers. If you can inspire just one person to change their lives for the better then you would have done your duty as a human being.

Since 2014, Fox5 Surprise Squad has partnered with other brands so they can expand their reach and make the worthy endeavor much more sustainable. Meanwhile, Forman is fully committed to helping push his equation further one free car at a time.  Forman has also been integral in offering free rides to offer blood donations after a Las Vegas tragedy that occurred last October showing his true nature and character.

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