Upstate New York Is So Beautiful During The Changing Of The Seasons

Almost all of my life I have lived in upstate New York in the Broome County area. New York is were I met all of my good friends. Mostly all of my family also lives there. I was married and met my husband there. Sometimes I wonder why I ever moved. But that’s why we are moving back this year. Upstate New York is really such a beautiful area.

Even if does get very cold in NY, there still is nothing more beautiful than the changing of the seasons. The pretty colorful peak foliage as autumn approaches and peaks. The mountains are just amazing looking with all of the reds, yellows and orange leaves changing colors with the season. Since I have lived in Florida it is so much different during  the change of the seasons. It’s almost like the seasons don’t change at all. The leaves just change from green to brown. Spring feels like summer and winter feels like spring. The seasons just change very different than living in Florida.

New York also has a wide range of parks, pumpkin farms, apple picking, strawberry picking, and so many other places to visit and fun things to do. They also have some wonderful summer camps in NY. I have heard a lot of great things about Camp Chateaugay. I personally loved camp when I was a child.

Did you go to camp or do you currently send your children to camp? If so what was the toughest part for you? I know the toughest thing for me when sending my kids to camp was how to choose the right summer camp.


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