Useful Overlooked Vehicle Features for Families

Are you a parent or ready to add on to your already existing family? If so that great! You might need to know about these car feature for parents that can make your life easier.

You may already have a minivan and yes they are indeed great vehicles for families. But you might find that focusing on the kid-friendly features you will have a wider variety of vehicles to choose from. I going to point out some of these key features that tend to get overlooked by families often.

1. Remote start

It’s very hot outside during the summer and you don’t want to put your baby in their hot car seat. With remote start you can get the car started and cooled down fast from a distance.   Or if it’s very cold outside you can easily get the inside warmed up before the family gets in. All from a distance. Some car will figure out the best temperature with climate controls accordingly.

2. Conversation mirror

Car with a conversation mirror allow you to see what’s going on in every seat in the vehicle. Without having to turn around and look away from the road.

3. Dark upholstery or leather or leatherette seating

When you have children you have messes. When something gets spilled or someone gets sick you will be so grateful you chose the dark color or easy to wipe seats that are more resistant to liquid spills

4. Easy third-row seat access

You probably didn’t know that now crossover SUVs now provide a second-row “captain’s chairs” that will give you a clear walk-through to back third row seating area. Making it now much easier to get to.

5. Hands-free liftgate or trunk
Sometimes when you have little one and your out and about your hands are always full with either a baby in one and and belongings in the other and your headed to your vehicles to get the family in.  This can make getting in the doors and and other areas a pain. However it doesn’t have to be anymore because now many vehicles have automatic opening trunks!

Now get out there and check out some new vehicles with these great tips your sure to find the best one you feel will be perfect for your family. I recommended stopping by Moran St Cair Chrysler Jeep Dodge and checking out their New 2020 Chrysler Pacifica LIMITED Passenger Van.

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