VA Hospital Not Giving The Care My Sick Father Needs


My father is currently at a VA Hospital that I feel is not not giving the care my sick father needs. Hes getting worse and this has been going on for sometime now. Please read my story and help me share this with as many people as we can in hopes that we can find the right person to help him.

I know many of you are in need of help, and many of you would like the help people in need as well. For example did you know there are sites on the internet like with people who make wishes for anything from medical care, food, help with bills, and small simple wish for things as small as a card. Then an Angel can come along and grant that wish. No wish is to small or to big.

Today I decided to make a wish in hopes for find an Angel for my Father. My father has been in and out of the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, Florida. He has been to the Emergency Room 6 times in the last month with severe stomach pains and tremors and other symptoms. They tell him that his vital signs look good and send him home.

VA Hospital Not Giving The Care My Sick Father Needs

They finally admitted him after I decided to call the Director and Chief of Staff and told them my concerns and how sick he is. I am very scared I will loose my father if he doesn’t get the proper care he needs. This has been going on a few months now. And they can’t seem to tell him or us what’s wrong with him. No clear answers. And he’s getting worse everyday. He recently recovered from cancer of the esophagus about 4 months ago. Then he started getting sicker. First it was a UTI infection and then kidney stones. After that he started not being able to sleep and feeling very ill and didn’t want to do anything. Next severe nausea started to happen every day to the point where he can’t eat or drink enough to get down the proper nutrition his body needs which is causing him to also drop weight. The next thing that started happening is severe stomach pains and tremors along with all of his other symptoms.

I don’t know what to do and he feels so sick that he thinks he not going to make it much longer. He can’t go to a regular hospital to get better care until he is eligible for Medicare and that won’t be for another year. I feel that he is not getting the care and urgency that he would get in a regular hospital.  They sent him home last week. because they stated that they have done several tests and they came back good. I asked the student Dr. because that’s what that hospital mostly has. “So your telling me he can go home and he will be perfectly fine and won’t die?” They could not tell me yes and still he’s getting worse and now he’s back in the hospital again.

He was there for an appointment and the lady who saw him shaking badly and said “you need to be admitted.” So after his appointment he went to the ER and told them. They got him in and the ER Dr. said “what do you want us to do Mike?” My dad said I need to be admitted I am very sick. The Dr. said well we can do that but I am gonna tell you now they are only going to do the same thing they did before. As of today his blood pressure is dropping. He has been there since Friday and won’t see the Dr. again till Tuesday. I am looking for a Dr. willing to help my dad and find out what’s wrong before the worst happens.

I have also posted a wish on Wish Upon A Hero here

If you are a Dr. I am asking if you would please consider helping him. I can’t offer you much but will be forever grateful.

Please share in hopes my plea will reach the right person.

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  1. Irishsaver says:
  2. Linda M Bates says:

    I will keep him in my prayers. He needs to have more tests done and see a hematologist. Maybe he has an infection of the blood?? Has he had a colonoscopy and an ultrasound of his abdomen and internal organs including liver.? Has he had a ct scan too with contrast? these are all test that my family has had in the past Has he seen an endocrinologist or a gastroenterologist? Good luck and Blessings to you.

    • angiesangels says:

      For the first question he has been tested for those. He has not had the CT scan with contrast yet because he can’t keep the liquid down they give him to drink for it. He has not seen those other specialists. He has had appointments for more tests, but when he goes to be admitted they then cancel his appointments. But yet it’s still in the same hospital. Next they rescheduled the appointments. For example he had one for the GI Dr. and he missed while in there, it’s now rescheduled a month away. I could be off on the name of what type of Dr. it was. But it’s just terrible. And there is no care during the weekend or holidays.

  3. Take him to a reputable hospital with good D.R.s. They have to see him for abdominal pain and can refuse to be transfered through safe haven program. Also, Medicare goes back a full year in coverage. Don’t give up and be persisitant. While some V.A.s are good most seem unconcerned. and just want to get by. get him out of there!

    • angiesangels says:

      WOW thank you so much I did not know Medicare goes back a year. What is the safe haven program? It that something they can refuse or something we should refuse? Thank you again for your help.

  4. Mellissa Hanks says:

    We will keep him in our prayers and I have shared everywhere I can 🙂 VAs are so horrid I hope he can get the care he needs ASAP!

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