Vat19 Review sent me over some of their unique products in exchange for my honest opinion, Vat19 was originally a site to promote the sale of their line of independent DVD productions. Such as the popular series the Ambient DVDs, which rapidly opened an opportunity for Vat19 to present their web presence by simply selling their own products. Their first non-DVD product they introduced was the, “Fireplace-scented Candles.” They were an instant hit and sent a booming in their company. Since then they have and still search the world for other, “curiously awesome” products to promote to customers that they so dearly care about.

When I heard about I wasn’t really sure what they offered until I checked out their site. It’s a great site that sells fun, unusual, and awesome products. From kitchen accessories, to clothing, to even foods! I looked through a few categories and just fell in love with so many products. There were things that I have never seen before, and things that I actually wished were invented.


The products Vat19 sent were Airmail Notepad Launcher, the second is a Snail Tape Dispenser, and the third is a USB Retro Metal Desk Fan.

The Airmail Notepad Launcher is a product in which you can ‘fling’ your messages up to 15 ft! It includes 500 cool designed tear-off sheets, that fits nice and snug next to the launcher. Which is completely easy to use, just ball up a bad idea, or message and place it in the dip of the launcher use your finger to push it back and let go. BAM! Your message is flung up to 15ft across the office! If you end up running out of sheets that it, itself supplies, it has a compatibility with all standard-sized stick notes (3″ x 3″). Dimensions: 5″ x 3.625″ x 2.75″. It is pretty durable, it isn’t cheaply made.

I think this is a pretty cool product. I mean it would have became very handy back in high school, to fling notes to my friends during class. Hahaha. But I first tried it on my daughter, she was on the Kindle in the kitchen, and I was at my desk. I balled up a sheet and flung it at her. Very funny! Well, she didn’t think so according to her facial expression, hahaha!

The Snail Tape Dispenser is a colorful tape dispenser with an weighted, non-skid base. This tape dispenser is just the cutest thing. My original tape dispenser was just the plastic case that tape comes in when you buy it. Not so appealing, I know hahaha. But now, my work area is spruced up a bit with this colorful little guy. It’s colors are red and orange, and the dimensions are, 5″ long x 2.25″ wide x 3.75″ tall. It can fit a 3/4″ tape roll. It had thick rubber and plastic. Not cheaply made.

And lastly, the USB Retro Metal Desk Fan is a powerful desk fan with all-metal construction and a full-tilting head. Tis fan is powered by a USB cord that can be plugged into a USB port. It can twilit a full 180 depress, it includes anti-skid rubber pads, and this little fan is pretty compact with it’s 10 watt motor. That will sure cool you off. Something like this product has come to my mind before on a hot day when I was working at the computer, blogging. It’s so great to see someone else had the same idea! My computer usually heats up and my work are sometimes gets pretty hot especially now it is summer. But now, I can plug this little baby into my USB port and cool off. Even thought it is small, it does give off a pretty good amount of air. Ad I love it! The fan itself is metal but the blades are plastic.

All in all each product I got to review gave me a great amount of satisfaction, and I would recommend these products to anyone. And I highly recommend that you check out their site:

and see all of their cool gadgets, and products for yourself!

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. sounds like they have some fun stuff

  2. patricia says

    hahaha on the note flinging!!! I just checked out the site and they have some really cool products!!! I definitely will keep this site in mind for cool gadgets!

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