Vehicle Scratch Remover DIY Tips

Have you notice some new scratches on your car? Maybe it came from a parking lots. Or kids were playing too close to your car. Either way finding scratches on your pretty paint job is not fun. Scratches on a vehicle depending on how deep can be costly to remove.

To save on putting a big dent in your wallet, you’ll need some new ideas to fix this problem. Like some quick and easy DIY scratch removers. Below are a few quick fixes in the nick of time that won’t harm your car. Before using one of these tips, examine the scratch to see how deep it is so you can figure out how much work you will have to do to cover up or remove it.
Interested in a new car like the 2019 Dodge Challenger GT at Pearson Chrysler Jeep, but worried about scratching up your new ride. No worries, use these simple a DIY scratch remover tips below:
Candle Wax
Make sure you clean the area of the scratch first and dry it thoroughly then rub the wax on the scratch, then wipe away any lingering residue. Preferably use a candle with no color, or at least the same color as your car. It will cover up and seal light scratches on the paint.
Everyone has toothpaste in their home, I hope they do at least. For this one all you will need is damp rag and any kind of toothpaste, even if all you have is your daughter’s Dora themed toothpaste, that’ll do. Squirt a dime sized ball on the rag then scrub it on the scratch. You can repeat this as many times until you see more of a difference.
Nail Polish
Yes, you can use nail polish to help remove a scratch. Some scratches are so bad or too deep you can’t buff them out and even them out unless it’s done so professionally. But nail polish can do a great job with covering it up until you decide to get it professionally fixed. Coming in a variety of colors, choose one that best fits the closeness to your car’s paint color. Paint thin even coats and let dry. If you don’t want to spare your precious Lobster Shell Red nail polish, they’re inexpensive, you can find a little bottle at the dollar store.
All you need to do is spray some WD-40 on to the scratch and rub it in nice and good on the scratch. Keep doing it until you notice the scratch becoming less visible. If you don’t already have WD-40 laying around your garage, you can easily purchase a small can at most general or auto shops.
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