Velata Fondue Warmer Review

I am a lover of all things coffee, but my other weakness is chocolate, and melted well what could be better? I’ll tell you what’s better Velata Fondue melted Premium Belgian chocolate! This stuff is divine! I recently tried the Rouge Velata Fondue Warmer and their Premium Belgian Milk Chocolate. I’m gonna to have put my self on rations for this. I’m not kidding you! We dipped strawberry’s, bananas, rice crispy treats, cookies and pound cake! Pretty much anything we could find we dipped it. The Rouge Velata Fondue Warmer is a sophisticated warmer glazed in deep, glossy red. and comes with 4 forks and the bulb. The warmers come in many colors and 3 different designs such as: the Curve Collection, Pedestal Collection and the Individual Collection. Then you can order what ever premium chocolate you want. You can choose from Premium Belgian Carmel Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate. White Chocolate is next on my list to try.

What’s special about the Velata Fondue Warmer is the ease of use with the patent-pending silicone top. Traditional fondue parts are bulky and difficult to clean. They use a flame to melt chocolate fondue and this can be very hazardous. Velata warmers are safe with no flame, doesn’t scorch the chocolate and are very easily to clean. Velata’s design allows you to lift the top off the base and put it directly into the dishwasher. When I’m done using mine I just take the lid and hand wash quickly in the sink. With 14 fondue warmers and four varieties of the world’s best Belgian chocolate, every night can be a different dessert night. No scorching. No stirring. Easy clean up. Simply melt, pour, and party. With it’s patent-pending silicone top you can go from the fridge to the microwave to the dishwasher. The BEST and EASIEST way to enjoy fondue without all the mess.

The Velata Fondue Warmer is so easy to use. Take it out of the package, then screw in the bulb. Next plug in the warmer and melt your Velata Chocolate pack up in the microwave for the time stated on the package. Now pour the chocolate into the silicone top and set your warmer to low and your done. Now it’s time to get your dipping on! Also if you don’t want to miss out on one drop of this yummy chocolate.  Just cut the package open, then instead of warming it in the microwave add it to the fondue silicone top and set to high. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to melt all the way but it turns out great! Then once its melted all the way turn the warmer to low setting to keep the chocolate warm and melted. This product is well made, very sturdy and heats the chocolate with a bulb.

The Velata Fondue Warmer is a wonderful product I would recommend to anyone and perfect for gift giving this Holiday Season!

I am excited to announce I will be giving away 1 Velata Fondue Warmer and a package of Premium Belgian Chocolate of your choice. Enter this giveaway below!!!

Did you know Velata is actually a Scentsy brand?

The Velata Story

A small group of chocolate loving Scentsy folks had a great idea. What if they could serve the  finest chocolate fondue in a plug-and-play, fun-to-use warmer. So they went in search world’s best, blow-your-mind chocolate. Their journey led them to Belgium — the world capital of fine chocolate. Where they found the perfect chocolate with the purest ingredients.

Perfect chocolate needs a perfect melt! So they invented a patent-pending silicone dish heated by a light bulb in a hip, fun, smart fondue warmer. Who else but Scentsy could find a hip, fun, smart way to use a light bulb?

Take a dip in the finest Velata chocolate. Once you’re hooked, make sure to check out the Velata opportunity. You never know, you may just like making a life out of your love of chocolate!

Where to buy:

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Disclosure: These Velata products the warmer and chocolate were donated to me to review and giveaway to my fans from an Shauna McDonald, Independent Veata Consultant. In exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Breezi Maciel says

    Maraschino Curve Velata Fondue Warmer and I can’t choose between the White Chocolate and Caramel Chocolate

  2. Lauren Reynolds says

    Love the blu razz warmer with the caramel chocolate 🙂

  3. Rouge Velata Fondue Warmer and the Milk Chocolate.

  4. Adrienne Hayes says

    Rouge Velata Warmer and Milk Chocolate

  5. christine paine says

    Blue Razz Curve Velata & Milk Chocolate

  6. Amy Stewart says

    Huckleberry Curve with Milk Chocolate

  7. Rouge warmer and caramel milk chocolate sounds divine!

  8. I like the blue razz curve warmer and the white chocolate

  9. Stephanie Bourne says

    I like the Huckleberry Pedestal warmer and the dark chocolate.

  10. Rachel Dawson says

    I love them all, as well as all the chocolates too, but I loooooove the Key Lime Curve Velata Fondue Warmer and the Milk Chocolate!!!

  11. Huckleberry Pedestal Velata Fondue Warmer and Dark Chocolate!

  12. calichristy2 says

    huckleberry fondue warmer w dark choc yummm

  13. I like the Rouge Velata Fondue Warmer with caramel milk chocolate.

  14. caitlyn collins says

    Love the blue razz pedestal warmer and milk chocolate!

  15. Elizabeth Parker says

    I want the Noir Velata Fondue Warmer with Dark or Milk Chocolate… YUM!

  16. Jacqueline K says

    I am just a plain old gal who LOVES,LOVES, the DARK CHOCOLATES!!!

  17. Noir Velata Fondue Warmer in black with white chocolate thanks

  18. Brandi Price says

    I like the Blue Razz Curve Warmer and White Chocolate!

  19. Nikkie Cossairt says

    I would choose Noir Velata Fondue Warmer and Milk Chocolate.

  20. Michelle.A. says

    I like the Noir Velata Fondue Warmer and the caramel chocolate sounds wonderful

  21. Trudy Choate says

    I like the Noir Velata or the Huckleberry Curve with any of the chocolates. they all sound sooo good.

  22. Julia Potvin says

    the curve collection I love, with milk chocolate, looks so good!

  23. Donna Cheatle says

    I love the Huckleberry Curve warmer……and the white chocolate…..I’m drooling!!

  24. Gina Brickell says

    I like the key lime pedestal with the caramel chocolate

  25. Elizabeth Langston says

    Dark chocolate in the Noir – either color.

  26. Nicole Pieper says

    I have never done this! i love the Blue Razz warmer and the caramel milk chocolate!

  27. Kellie Lineberry says

    Huckleberry Curve Velata Fondue Warmer
    Caramel Milk Chocolate

  28. Charlene Glover says

    Would love the huckleberry curve warmer with milk chocolate. My kids would have so much fun.

  29. Jalynn Patterson says

    My favorite warmer would be noir one.
    And my fav chocolate would be milk chocolate

  30. I’ve never fondued!

  31. My favorite warmer would be the rouge velata and any of the chocolates would be great but the Carmel milk chocolate sounds wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity.

  32. Huckleberry warmer and milk chocolate

  33. Crystle Monahan says

    I like the blue razz pedestal warmer, and my favorite chocolate would likely be the milk chocolate 🙂

  34. Mellissa Hanks says

    I like the noir velata warmer and white chocolate ;O)

  35. I like them all, but I love the Licorice

  36. Jahna Smith says

    I would love either of the huckleberry warmers and the milk or white chocolate!

  37. Licorice Curve Velata Fondue Warmer and white chocolate

  38. Kayleen Considine says

    The huckleberry warmer and dark chocolate

  39. I like the noir premium warmer and the carmel milk chocolate

  40. I like the Rouge Velata Fondue Warmer and the Milk Chocolate.

  41. I like the Huckleberry Curve Velata Fondue Warmer and the Milk Chocolate!

  42. Ashley Schein says

    Noir Velata Fondue Warmer and Milk Chocolate

  43. Sarah Madrigal says

    How fun everything was to look at..the huckleberry fondue warmer looks very cute. I LOVE purple and dark chocolate. Thank You for asking!!

  44. How fun! I love the Huckleberry Curve Velata Fondue Warmer and the Caramel Milk Chocolate!

  45. yum chocolate chocolate, Maraschino Curve

  46. Blue razz curve velata fondue warmer and caramel milk chocolate

  47. Maraschino Curve Velata Fondue Warmer …..Milk Chocolate

  48. I like the Noir Velata Warmer and the Caramel Milk Chocolate!

  49. Michelle @womenwwin says

    MMMMMM!!! Dark Chocolate in the Clementine Curve Velata!

  50. soha molina says

    Blue Razz Curve Velata Fondue Warmer with caramel milk chocolate

  51. Licorice Curve Velata Fondue Warmer and Carmel Milk Chocolate

  52. Janice Barham says

    My favorites are the Huckleberry Curve & the milk chocolate!

  53. Huckleberry curve and dark chocolate

  54. I love love love the noir velata from the individual collection. I also would have to have the milk chocolate.

  55. Carrie Medford ~ Big Family Small Budget says

    Blue Razz Pedestal Velata Fondue Warmer & caramel milk chocolate!

  56. Heather Rhodes Stewart says

    Blue Razz Pedestal Velata Fondue Warmer & white chocolate!

  57. I’d love the Noir Velata warmer and caramel milk chocolate…YUM!

  58. Love the the Noir Velata fondue warmer and the caramel milk chocolate is my fave!

  59. I would love the Clementine Curve Velata Warmer and Dark Chocolate….YUM!

  60. I like the Rouge Velata Fondue Warmer and white chocolate.

  61. I would love the Noir Velata fondue warmer and the dark chocolate! YUM!

  62. amy guillaume linderman says

    Licorice Curve warmer and the dark choc

  63. Melinda Dunne says

    I would like the Huckleberry curve warmer and the milk chocolate or the caramel milk chocolate.

  64. Omg I love chocolate and especially fondue!! This looks so yummy. I want it now.