Video Downloading Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

Video Downloading Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

Technology has grown with time such that even using various online apps is quite easy. But as we all know you require an internet connection to access some of the internet apps such as YouTube or even other platforms that you need to download essential documents and clips on the internet. If you don’t have a stable connection on your device, accessing these apps to download your required items is quite tricky. So what is the solution? If you have experienced this problem, you can comfortably resolve it with the use of tools that do not require connection to work. This is because these tools enable the downloaders to function without the need to use java.

They Include:


ClipConverter makes it to our number one as one of the best downloading tools for everyone. Aside from enabling you to download your favorite videos without any internet connection quickly, the tool also has various features that allow you to convert your videos as you wish to. All that one is required to do is copy the link of the video and post it on the tools page and then choose the available editing options. Another benefit of using ClipConverter downloader tool is that it allows you to download your YouTube videos in different formats as you wish. In other words, we can say that apart from ClipConverter assisting you with easy downloading, it also works just like which is useful for converting the downloaded videos in different formats.

Video DownloadHelper

Although this tool is only designed for Mozilla downloads, it is also a great and reliable tool for easy downloading videos from youtube and other networks without even the use of the internet. It is quite easy to use since it notifies you the available videos or any other item that can be downloaded the moment you log in to the tool site. Also, the tool is equipped with different downloading qualities to select from for easy downloading of your favorite videos. It is that quick and easy to use DownLoadHelper. Another great feature found on this tool is that it can easily convert your downloaded videos into various formats. You can do it manually or select conversion that will be working automatically when you download your favorite video.


Freemake is another excellent tool that you can use to download your favorite videos from YouTube or other platforms. It is easy to work with and offers an excellent platform for downloads. For easy and quick downloading of your videos, copy the videos URL and paste it on the tools page box. Then this is automatically detected leading to the opening of the format and quality dialogue for you to choose a video format and quality of your choice. Other available features on this tool include the pause of the download, the download speed control and you can also use the open social networks for downloading shared contents on the social media networks.

The top three discussed reviews are the cheapest and easiest tools that one can use for downloading videos from various social media platforms without the use of an internet connection. This is because the tools work smoothly and correctly even without the use of the Java.


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