Vital Tips on How to Pick the Right Shade Carrier for Your Home

A Shade Carriers are basically used to put in place lampshades onto lamps. Picking a gimble that completely suits your home may be quite challenging as we have different preferences and tastes. Shape, color, height, price, and material are just a few of the factors to consider while purchasing one in a bargain store. But one of the unavoidable questions you ought to ask yourself remains “is the shade carrier adjustable?” so that it can fit the lampshade at ease.

For maximum performance of lampshades in your home, the following factors concerning gimbles must be considered:


Although height is not one of the go-to considerations, you might be interested according to your preference. For example, it is better if the height of the lampshade support is slightly higher than the lampshade itself although many consider it an old formula.


It is fantastic to note that technology is taking shape in the manufacture of lampshades and so companies are coming up with various shapes and so do the carriers. Modern drum shades and traditional Empire shades may require a different gimble each.

Design of the Room

What is the shape of the room you are going to place it? You ought to consider the size of the room, the maximum and the minimum number of carriers it can hold which is obviously determined by the number of shades.


It may seem tiresome but believe me consulting a knowledgeable salesperson will go a long way in helping you choose the appropriate lampshade support. You can as well carry your lampshades with you so you can try lots of carriers on it and see which ones perfectly fit each other


You know they say “Cheap is expensive.” It is awesome if you go for the ones that suit your budget and still have a reasonable price.


The carriers may be of high or low quality as well. It goes without saying that the high-quality ones may be slightly expensive, but it is better to go for such because they will serve you for a considerably longer amount of time.


Many people ask.“What size of shade gimbleis suitable for my home?” Let me try and answer the question right away. First, place the lampshade on a flat smooth surface and then measure the length of the duplex ring to the flat surface the lampshade is sitting on.The carrier you will need is then 1.5 – 2 inches (4cm -5cm) long.

How Well Does the gimble fit on the bulb holder? It is good to know that modern lampshade bases are now fitted with European 45 mm bulb holders. With this information in mind, always go for those gimbles that perfectly fits the bulb holder for maximum output.

What else can you ask for other than this? If you keenly follow the above tips, you will surely get the perfect lampshade support for your home. I wish you well as you find one to decorate your house.


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