Vittles Vault Select Review

With 5 pets things can get pretty messy, stinky and  covered in hair fast.

So as a pet owner of 4 cats and a big dog I am always looking for a new ways to get organized and keep things smelling and looking clean. I came a across this company called that carries several different way to keep your pets food cover and stored in an organized way. I told them about my 5 animals and they were nice enough to send along 2 of their Vittles Vault’s. One to hold my dog Roscoe’s 50lb. bag of dog food and one to hold my 4 cats Baby, Blaze, Angel and Panini’s 25lb. bag of cat food.

For more than 20 years Gamma2 has been designing and manufacturing products that help keep your pet happy and healthy.


The Vittles Vault Select 25 is 8.4″ x 13.25″ x 24.1″ tall and holds a full 25lb. bag of cat food for convenient storage, and the Vittles Vault Select 50 is 17.6″ x 12.3″ x 21.3″ tall and hold a 50lb. bag of dog food. These are really fabulous containers for keeping your pets food airtight and fresh with the gasket lid with locking latch. I no longer have a big bag of cat food sitting in my kitchen next to the wall along with an even bigger bag of dog food. It looked so awful and took up so much space in my kitchen area I just hated it.


Now I have the tall narrow Vittle Vault 25 holding the kitties food and a nice Vittle Vault 50 holding the dogs food and I am extremely happy with them. These containers are perfect for dry pet food, bird seed and hundreds of storage applications. Perfect for space-saving storage for home or on the road. And did I mention the Vittle Vault 50 includes wheels for easy mobility.

These are both great products made with durable plastic that will hold up for the needs of our animals. I highly recommend the Gamma2 Vittle Valuts for all your pet food storage needs!

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