Walking With Your Fur Buddy is a Great Fitness Routine

Now more than ever, it is important to have strong immunity against microbes as well as the infections and complications they bring. There are many ways to bolster your immune system, and getting your regular dose of exercise is one of them.

Health authorities say that you should exercise for not less than 20 minutes on most days of the week. You are not the only one that can benefit from it but also your dog.

Veterinarians say that dogs should get between 30 minutes to two hours of exercise every day. The larger the dog, the longer the exercise session should be. Exercising with your loyal pal is a fun way for the two of you to get fit, and a quick trip to a pet boutique allows you to get your hands on a dog collar and leash necessary to get started.

Friendly to the Dog’s Joints

Joint problems are quite common in large dogs. They may also be experienced by smaller dogs that are obese or overweight. No matter the case, it can be disheartening for any pet lover to see his or her furry friend in pain and with reduced mobility.

Fortunately, there is an effective way to keep joint issues at bay, and it is by making sure that your dog is getting sufficient amounts of exercise daily.

Something as simple as walking for at least 30 minutes is often enough to keep its joints in excellent shape. It is also effective for making those excess pounds go away, which can harm the joints as well as the overall health of your canine companion. This is especially true if regular exercise is paired with a healthy diet, preferably one prescribed by a vet.

You Can Benefit From It, Too

It’s not just your dog that can benefit from walking regularly. You can also take advantage of its many health effects. There is no better way for a dog lover to get a much-needed dose of regular exercise than walking for several minutes with his or her pawed pal.

Walking is considered as the ultimate exercise for humans, and it’s for various reasons. For one, it is easy on the joints, just like other low-impact exercises such as swimming and cycling.

Spending at least 20 minutes walking helps strengthen your heart, which is vital for fending off high blood pressure. Having an elevated blood pressure reading always is a serious matter because it can pave the way for deadly heart disease.


Walking is a phenomenal form of exercise for you and your dog. It is great for maintaining good health, and it is a fun way for the two of you to bond.

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