Warm Weather Is Great In Florida But The Humidity Can Be A Killer

About 4 years ago my family and I moved to Florida to be closer to my father and my husbands brother. We use to live in New York and would travel to Florida on vacation every couple of years. Every time we would come here on vacation we always came during the months of January, February or March, which is in my opinion the best time to enjoy this sunny state. The weather was always between 70’s and 80’s and just comfortable and beautiful.


I just loved the warm Florida weather so much. We would enjoy going to the beach, amusement parks, zoos and so much more. The beaches by the way are just so pretty and the water feels great. Well after so many times of coming here on vacation we loved it so much we had to move here. Once we moved and spent our first year here that’s when we realized we may have made a big mistake.

We live about 20 minutes from Tampa, FL. We had no idea that Tampa is know to be one of the nation’s most humid spots. During June, July, August and September it’s almost unbearable to be outside for to long. I work from home and enjoy working on my screened in back porch. But during those months it’s just so humid. The humidity is so bad after about 5 to 10 minutes your arms and legs feel wet. When ever I would bring paper work outside for work it would wilt and get damp after 10 minutes.

Once we lived our second year in Florida we had air conditioner problems which made the heat and humidity even more worse than it already was. We found out the landlord had not maintained the AC in a few years, and our electric bill was so high. Once he fixed it he said “You will start saving energy by maintaining your air conditioner”. You can find lots of great tips on maintaining your air conditioner at www.edsairconditioning.com.

Don’t forget if you move to a humid state like Florida maintaining your ac conditioner can save you energy. You don’t want to be caught with huge electric bills like my family did.

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