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Did you know flossing regularly actually improves life expectancy since it decreases your likelihood of gum AND heart disease. I have come up with 5 things in my life I know I will accomplish because flossing is helping me to live a healthier life. Living long enough to see my grand children. My teeth will be strong and healthy. I will have less cavities. I will feel more confident about my smile. And a great way to make my dentist happy!

I like to encourage my children to practice good hygiene by using a reward chart with stars. Each week they fill up all their stars by brushing their teeth and flossing regularly. They get to pick a fun activity to do. How you encourage your kids to have good oral hygiene?

Here is a great way to get started, the superior combination of Water Flossing and Sonic Brushing


  • One device, oneoutlet, and less space used up
  • Can be used with your favorite mouth wash
  • Recharges in stand
  • 10 pressure settings
  • Cleans deep between teeth and below gumline
  • Up to 3x as effective as flossing and 1000x more fun!

The Water Flosser for Kids:

  • 1 minute a day for a cleaner fresher mouth
  • Ideal for braces
  • Miniaturized for small fingers
  • Extra safe, Kid Proof electrical design
  • Simple pressure control system with 3 settings
  • Up to 3x as effective as flossing and 1000x more fun!

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