Ways to Enjoy Better Brewed Coffee at Home

When it comes to waking up from that deep slumber party, we all resist opening up our eyes in the shiny bright new morning. But eventually, we get out of bed and the first thing we crave is some good strong Coffee. The smell of freshly-made coffee is the only motivation to get up and get going throughout the long busy day.

We are here to help you take your coffee experience up a notch by giving you some secret tips and tricks. Here are some ways that will be helpful for you to enjoy an even better coffee at home.

Golden-Brown Coffee Beans

The taste of your coffee entirely depends upon the extent to which coffee beans have been grounded. If you’re someone who is used to purchasing pre-ground coffee, then you might want to know that you’ve been robbed of the actual taste and smell of freshly grounded coffee beans. Moreover, when you buy pre-ground coffee you must have noticed that it doesn’t come with an exact date or the month in which it has been grounded.

Try reaching out to your nearest coffee-shop; they might have whole coffee beans that they ground themselves, which you can easily buy from them according to your preferred need. Remember that coffee beans, after being grounded, start to lose their touch in a month.

Storage Issues and Details

Another matter of importance is the storage of that coffee in your home. Coffee is extremely sensitive to moisture and temperature. It oxidizes quicker than you can imagine. Continuous exposure to air will make your coffee insipid in no time and you’ll start to feel its taste fading away.

The best way to prevent your coffee from getting rancid is to keep it in an airtight plastic container. Keep the container in a cool place, but not in refrigerators as their low temperature can create moisture inside the containers. As you use the coffee, change the size of its container according to the remaining quantity to prevent air exposure.

Weigh, Grind and Pre-infusion Process

 The first step is to weigh the right amount of coffee beans to make a perfect cup of coffee. This can be efficiently done by weighing it through a digital device which eliminates any errors or doubts. But you can always use spoons and cups as per your comfort.

The coffee beans start losing their characteristic smell and taste as soon as they are ground. Therefore, it’s better to grind them right before making coffee. Sure, it is another step that you have to do to enjoy the heavenly taste of fresh coffee, but all worth the while.

Next comes the part of Pre-infusion. The process involves filtering or washing out the ground coffee with heated water. The preferred temperature should be 50°F. You can use a filter paper or a cloth to place ground coffee and pour heated water over it thoroughly, then leave it for a minute for soaking. This helps remove any traces of carbon dioxide left from the roasting process as well as maintaining a better tasteful cup of coffee.

Cold or Hot?

To brew a better cup of coffee than your normal daily routine, you should know the temperature specifications. The cold brewed coffee might be easy to make but it is not healthy. As you search and learn more about its effects, you’ll know that cold brew coffee has a low pH level, which is more likely to disturb the stomach than hot brew coffee. The optimum temperature to make a good cup of coffee is 150°F to 170°F. For people who like their coffee to be extra hot and strong, temperature specifications will be changed into 180°-190°F. Exceeding temperature from 200°F leads to a bad taste or a “burnt” cup of coffee.

Major ingredient: Water

The major part of your coffee consists of water, which can either make or break your dream of having a perfect cup of coffee. It is better to use purified water to balance between the coffee and the minerals present in it. The finest ratio of coffee to water is 1:17. That said, in the simplest form is, 1 tablespoon of coffee for 1 cup water to make an excellent brew. Variations, in this ratio, can be done as per your desires of having weak or a strong cup of coffee.

For the people who welcome a stronger tasteful cup of coffee, the ratio can become 1:14 or less which means more than 1 tbsp. of coffee in a single cup of water. For the people who like a weak cup better, the ratio will be 1:20 or more which means less than 1 tbsp. of coffee in a single cup of water.

Such simple techniques can greatly influence the taste of your home brewed Coffee. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy coffee on a better level by checking some ways mentioned above.

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