Ways to Get Rid of Pet’s Hair at Home

Ways to Get Rid of Pet's Hair at Home

If you own a pet, one of the challenges you have is to keep your home free of any hairs the pet sheds. This is the life every pet lover has to bear with and there are several solutions you could pursue that will help you do the cleaning. Pets will walk freely in every part of your home and this could mean hair could be deposited anywhere including in the sofa or your carpet. You need to understand how to clean the hair off all these surfaces. Here are suggestions you may find useful when you want to get rid of pet hair from your home.

Start with the pet themselves

You can never achieve a clean home free from pet hair if you will not look after your pet to ensure it does not continue to deposit more hair. There are several solutions you have in this case that could help to prevent more hair coming from the pet, and one that is useful is brushing the pet regularly, about twice each week. This will cut down on the fur that will roll through your living room and other areas. You could also try putting a stocking over the vacuum hose then use it to vacuum the pet.

Cleaning furniture

Most of the time hairs from your pet will go to your furniture, and this is for the simple reason that the pet will spend most of the time in the living room. You can remove this hair from the upholstery and fabric using dampened rubber gloves. Run your hand over the surface and the hair will be attached. When the glove gets covered in hair, you can then rinse it off and repeat the process until there is none left. You can also do this using some sponge if you don’t have rubber gloves.

For wooden furniture, you can use a soft cloth and some furniture polish. You also need and anti-static dusting spray, which helps to eliminate the electric charge generated so as to make the removal easier and lessen the possibility of the hair re-sticking.

Cleaning hair from floors

If you have carpets, you can use pumice stone on the surface. All hair found is collected. Another common solution you have is vacuuming the carpet, which helps to loosen stubborn hairs. 

If your floor includes laminate wood, you could choose an electrostatic dry mop because vacuuming simply blows the hair around and could also corral it in a single spot. Also remember to keep clothes in enclosed areas where they cannot come in contact with your pet.  

Keeping a pet comes with many responsibilities including cleaning and keeping the pet healthy. Besides these responsibilities you will also get some challenges like the accumulation of hair around the house when the pet moves around. To get rid of pet hair, you should consider the guidelines issued above.


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