We Used Bondic To Fix My Tablet Charging Cord

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a free products from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review.
I recently had the chance in reviewing Bondic, a liquid plastic welder. It is the only product that works where glue has failed. Bondic is liquid plastic that only hardens when you need it too, so no more hurrying to get something fixed before it dries out. Bondic can be used in 4 quick and easy steps. 
With Bondic you can save money, using it as a quick fix solution for countless things so your precious items don’t end up in the trash broken too soon. Not only will Bondic fix your broken item it will make it generally stronger, the more layers you apply of Bondic the stronger it will be preventing it from breaking once more. 
However, Bondic is not a glue. It is more of a 3D repair printer that can fit in your pocket.  Bondic can be used to fix a  wide variety of things like, like glass, dishware, containers,  jewelry, cords, plastics, even fingernails! Bondic ca be colored as well to fit the color scheme as the desired item being fixed, it can be smoothed as well. 
Bondic is very easy to use,all you need to do is clean the surface, fill the broken area, cure it with the included UV light then shape it if needed. It can work best with rough surfaces and undercuts, especially when the surface is grease free. It as well works best in layers, each being the thickness of about 1-1.5mm. It only hardens in UV light within 4 seconds and doesn’t dry out because it is solvent free. 
I wish I knew about Bondic a while ago, it works so well and can fix nearly anything! Unlike glue I don’t have to wait and wait for it to dry and have it end up not even fixed. But with Bondic, it dries when I need it to, when I’m finished filling in the area that needs to be fixed and I know it is just right I can cure it and within seconds it will be hardened and fixed. I can even layer it for a more durable and stronger fix. I love this product so much, every should have a Bondic with them, it is so convenient. .
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