Week 2 & 11 Of Our Nutrisystem Journey #NSNation

Angela’s Journey Week 11

Wow last week just flew right by! I lost another 3 pounds this week!!!! Woot Woot hooray for me! My weight is now 277 pounds, and a total weight loss of 13 pounds while on the Nutrisystem Program. Last week I know the scale went up to 283 and I gained 3 pounds but it was just from my monthly and I dont feel the need to count that weight. Because it always comes off either way at the end of my cycle, and it did. I have been determined not to see 280 ever again. And I did it!! Not only did I do it but I went way past 280lbs. Only 7 more pounds till my next Nutribear!

Below I have provided another picture to show you my progress. I don’t see a difference from last time. But you watch a few more pounds and these pant’s will be a little loser. I can tell you they didn’t fit 2 weeks ago and were just way to tight to wear. They are still just a little bit tight. But not too bad where it is uncomfortable. I also have provided the last photo before this one for you to compare. Please excuse my hair. I have done nothing with it today but brush it and take my picture for all of you.

The Nutrisystem program has really changed my life and the way I see and think about food! ~ Angela

7/30/12 Photo

6/25/12 Photo

Shaunn’s Journey Week 2

This week has been  tremendous on the Nutrisystem D Program. I am now at 26 pounds, 2lbs. less than last week. So I lost a total of 4 pounds on the Nutrisystem D Program. The kicker was incorporating “My Daily 3” into my daily routine. Doing any type of vigorous task for 30 minutes is plenty: yard work, detailing the car or running around the yard with the dog has worked for me. Maybe it is my motivation, but I have only done it three times last week. If it I get on track with the Daily 3, and eat the good food I am now on my way to my goal weight. The food is great! Last week I tried the “Chef’s Table Entree”  and I have to say for me personally the meals are 5 star quality. The Adobo Rubbed Pork is awesome and the stuffed red peppers are delicious. The portion size is just right so you won’t go overboard and the variety of meals is endless. This week I am going to incorporate “My Daily 3” 5 times a week, so I can get into a routine. I love the fact that Nutrisystem has given me the opportunity to live longer for my kids. ~Shaunn

Shaunn – Week 2 Weight 262lbs. – Total weight lost while on the Nutrisystem D Program 4lbs.


Neck – 16.12

Arms – 17.5

Chest – 43.13

Waist – 46.3

Thighs – 28

Calf – 16.2

Angie – Week 10 weight 277lbs. – Total weight lost while on the program 13lbs.

Measurements – some small changes this week.

Neck – 16.9

Arms -15.9

Chest – 49

Waist – 59

Thighs – 28

Calf – 18.13

Wish us luck on our next weigh in.  See you next week! icon smile My Nutrisystem Journey to a Healthier Me #NSNation DOWN 1pds! ~Angie & Shaunn

P.S. Thank you in advanced for those who will be following our journey. And don’t forget to leave your comments, questions or maybe you just want to leave your support and encouragement. All is welcome and VERY much appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you all. icon smile My Nutrisystem Journey to a Healthier Me #NSNation DOWN 1pds!

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