Week 4 & 13 Of Our Nutrisystem Journey #NSNation

Week 4 & 13 Of Our Nutrisystem Journey

Angela’s Journey

I can’t believe it’s been 13 weeks already that I have been on this journey with the Nutrisystem Program. And wow it sure is a journey! I am starting to wonder if I am capable of losing any more weight. I know I shouldn’t think like this but it’s tough. And I am getting very discouraged but I won’t give up I promised myself, my family and my readers that nothing can stop me, and I will continue this journey until I reach my goal.  I just can’t give up, my weight is dangerously high and I really have no other choice if I want to be around for my children and their children.  I thought for sure this week I would have lost 1 or 2 pounds. We went to Sea World and I must have walked 5 miles that day. And it was so darn hot!! We also went out to dinner that night and I had a lean steak, salad and some fruit. And I felt confident that my meal was healthy. But now I am not totally sure and don’t know what I am doing wrong because I have gained 3 pounds back this week and I am now back up to 280lbs. I am trying very hard not to get depressed over this, but it’s difficult. I have this huge fear of gaining the weight I lost before and after I started Nutrisystem. The one thing that I still have a hard time with is drinking enough water because it makes me feel bloated. But I wouldn’t think that not drinking enough water would cause me to gain weight. Ok well time to suck it up, I just know I need to keep going and all will be ok. This weight will come off!! Thank you all so much for your support each week. I always look forward to reading your comments. ~ Angela

Shaunn’s Jouney

This week was better than last week, I didn’t cheat or eat more than what I was supposed to. My family and I recently went to Sea World, and let me tell you I was not winded or out of breath, to me that is an accomplishment. My food is still a great variety. Last night I had the whole wheat creaps in tomato sauce, it tasted really good. I think they should add more cheese. The coffee protein shake is really tasty, it tastes just like iced coffee without the extra sugar and calories, but it’s still just the right sweetness. Tonight I think I am going to have the Nutrisystem Cajun-style chicken and sausage, this meal puts out a lot of spice. And it’s kicking with hotness, no need for hot sauce.

Cajun-Style Chicken & Sausage – Bring the spicy seasonings of the South home with this delectable entrée exploding with tender chicken, sausage, rice, celery and onion, diced green bell peppers, and a dash of chili powder. (source

I can’t wait for my next order to come in, I am so excited! I recently ate out and I think I handled it well I didn’t over do it. Since I have been eating healthy, salads are second nature to me. It’s like I get frustrated when I don’t have the ingredients to make a salad. Last week I weighed in at 262lbs. This week I gained 2 pounds. My wife and I have discussed this and we both think it may be the amount of sodium we consumed possibly causing us to retain water. Even with the weight gain this was a much better week, no distractions or worries to make me lose my focus. ~ Shaunn

Shaunn – Week 4 Weight 264lbs. – Total weight lost while on the Nutrisystem D Program 0lbs.


Neck – 16.12

Arms – 16.7

Chest – 42.8

Waist – 46.3

Thighs – 28

Calf – 16.8

Angie – Week 13 weight 280lbs. – Total weight lost while on the program 10lbs.


Neck – 16.5

Arms -16.8

Chest – 49

Waist – 59

Thighs – 28

Calf – 18.2

Wish us luck on our next weigh in.  See you next week! icon smile My Nutrisystem Journey to a Healthier Me #NSNation DOWN 1pds! ~Angie & Shaunn

P.S. Thank you in advanced for those who will be following our journey. And don’t forget to leave your comments, questions or maybe you just want to leave your support and encouragement. All is welcome and VERY much appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you all. icon smile My Nutrisystem Journey to a Healthier Me #NSNation DOWN 1pds!

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  1. Patti Purelli says

    The two of you are doing great and I am enjoying following your journey. I wish both of you much luck, success and continued weight loss on the program!!

  2. Jennifer Williams says

    I think what you are both doing is great. Losing weight is definitely a hard thing to do. Can I just say, the picture of Cajun Style Chicken looks really good! People always laughed at me when I was dieting, I always cooked food I hated to eat. It kept me from overeating though, my theory is whatever works, go with it. Working with a partner is a bonus. Next time you go to Sea World though, let me know and my family will head there as well, it isn’t far and it is a lot of fun!

    • angiesangels says

      That sounds awesome I would love to meet up sometime. I didn’t relined we lived so close. 🙂 And thank you for the support. It is so nice to read the comments from everyone. It helps so much!! 🙂

  3. Holly Thomas says

    Try not to get discouraged, it takes a little bit for your body to adjust, one day soon when you weigh yourself you will see!!

  4. Keep at it Angie!! It’s hard work, but so worth it! You’re awesome 🙂

  5. What a great post, I have been wanting to try nutrisystem!

  6. Angela water is very very important when dieting. Get enough water in.

  7. Don’t get discouraged you guys :O) remember the human body can fluctuate 2-3 pounds A DAY in weight! While your meal may have seemed healthy also remember restaurants add a lot more salt then you would at home. With the heat your body will store water to conserve and the salt will make it that much worse. Are you drinking plenty of water?? You need AT LEAST 64 ounces of plain water a day and up to 50% of your body weight in order to lose weight. Also every caffeinated beverage you drink dehydrates you so cancel out 1 glass of water you drank. Everyone gains sometime on their journey just look at what your are drinking and eating, take a big breath, an extra walk and keep going girl you got this 😀

    • angiesangels says

      Wow thank you for such a wonderful comment. I will take what you said and use this useful information. And I am not drinking enough water like I should. I also drink lots of coffee so what you said makes so much sense. I will try my best even if I have to use sticky notes lol. Thank you again Mellissa 🙂

      • Hydration i think is the most importnat part of weightloss. What i do is first thing before you do anything else drink 16 ounce just chug it.lol it really improves my mood evem
        n. Then when i start making a meal i chug 1it cup that is 5the cups down. It is will keep you from my eating as much and help you process food better. I’ll remind you to drink 🙂

  8. Alaina Bullock says

    Hang in there you guys! It will be worth it in the end! Watching you do this gives a lot of hope and encouragement to others who want to do the same. It is natural to feel discouraged, but just keep on sticking with it!

    • angiesangels says

      Awwww thank you so much. I never realized how many people are watching and following my journey and your right! 🙂

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