Went To Miami For Business: Had A Blast At The Hotel!

 As a mother of 3 and a work from home mom my life sure gets very busy. I rarely have time for my self. Let alone time for me and my husband to spend together. I also have 4 cats and 2 dogs and spend most of my time when at home cooking and cleaning up after teenagers and animals. So when an opportunity arises where I can travel for business I always try to find hotels in Miami that will make my time spent their fun. And since my husband and I don’t get enough time together I also bring him along too.


My husband and I don’t get out together much at all. The last time we did was my most recent business trip in Miami. I chose a nice hotel that had a beautiful beach front, pools, shopping, spa and hair salon, yoga fitness and more.  I had just a great time at the spa and so much fun getting my hair done. I really needed that. Then me and my husband enjoyed a nice dinner on the beach and a night at the lounge.

My husband and also never had a formal wedding or a honeymoon, and in 2015 will have been together 20 years and I want to do something special or go somewhere romantic. My kids are finally getting older to where my oldest who is 20 can watch my 16 year old and my 8 year old while we get away for a couple days. It actually would be great if I didn’t have to wait till 2015 to get away somewhere nice with my husband, because my birthday is the first week of April which is literally a week away, and I can think of some wonderful ideas for my husband to come up with as great surprise birthday gifts for me.

I know it should be a surprise but I just heard about an amazing honeymoon or couples motel in Miami called the Executive Airport Motel. Considering we never had a honeymoon or went any place romantic this would be perfect for the two of us.

What was the most romantic place you went to with your spouse or significant other?


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  1. As someone who been married over 30 years now I understand the need and want to do something special. 😉 For 30 years of married my husband and I went to really cool place in Palm Springs for a week. Getting away from my son still living at home, well nice. Good to hear you got to have some nice private time with the guy you love as well.

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