What does that Smell Mean

What does that Smell Mean

We all may not know what is always going on with our car, but with our nose we can figure out what may be wrong and get it looked at before anything major happens. Some smells to keep in mind when driving are: gasoline, burnt rubber, rotten eggs, burning carpet, hot oil, and a sweet syrup smell. Each can indicate a certain thing that may be wrong with your vehicle. Read below to learn more.

Mechanics are a true lifesaver when it comes to car care and repairs, but we can’t always have a mechanic with us in the car everywhere we go just in case something goes wrong, or feels like something will go wrong. If you aren’t very car savvy and are always unsure if something could possibly be wrong with your vehicle, there are ways to tell if you should get it checked out. There are sounds you can listen for, and even certain smells that can indicate if something just is not quite right with your car.   

Here are some odors your nose should recognize to help you know when something is wrong; 

Gasoline. Many people can recognize this smell, but if you aren’t at the gas station and you smell a strong scent of gasoline while you are driving it can be a sign that there is a gas leak. Any sort of fuel smell can be a potential fire hazard and you should get your car looked at immediately.  

Sweet Syrup. Engine coolant or A/C coolant has a sweet syrupy smell, so if you smell this there could be a leak.  

Rotten Eggs. This smell indicates that the catalytic converter could not be converting hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide properly. The catalytic converter helps convert pollutant gases into less harmful ones.  

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