What Does Your Roadside Assistance Cover? Know the Details

Meeting with a car accident implies unexpected expenses. The number of road accidents occurred in India in the past says a lot about the troubles faced by people. In such situations, an active car insurance policy plays a vital role. It protects you from meeting a financial crunch while getting the car repaired. The insurer will pay repair bills as per your policy.

Typically, a basic car insurance policy provides limited coverage. Even comprehensive car insurance may miss out on a few aspects related to the ownership of a car. Add-ons, thus, come into the picture to provide extended insurance coverage. One popular add-on is roadside assistance cover. 

Let’s dig deeper to understand how this add-on enhances the coverage offered by a basic car insurance policy.

What is Roadside Assistance Cover?

As the name suggests, this add-on assists you in times when your car is stuck on road and need help to avoid various possible troubles. Whether it is about repairing a flat tyre on the spot or getting the vehicle towed to your nearest garage, this add-on comes with several benefits. It is also known as breakdown cover for the features it offers.

What is Covered Under Roadside Assistance Add-on?

Before you include this add-on into your car insurance policy, you must understand the benefits it offers in detail, which may vary from one insurer to the other. 

  1. Flat Tyre

Almost all car owners face flat tyre at some point in time. Getting stranded with your car having a flat tyre and finding no help around could make you lose wit. However, by adding roadside assistance cover into your policy, you can avoid facing such situations. 

Under this add-on, the insurer will provide the right technicians or mechanic at your spot within a limited geographical span and help you with replacing or repairing the tyre.

  1. Flat Battery

This service is best suited for times when your car is at halt because of a low battery. Often, the voltage level of car battery drops over time or when not in use. If you have chosen the roadside assistance add-on, the insurer will pay for the labor and conveyance cost involved in helping you out.

  1. Spare Keys

Losing or misplacing your car keys is a common situation people end up in. When you are stuck out of nowhere without car keys, you will face the trouble of lack of conveyance, especially at a location with least connectivity to the public transport. 

Roadside assistance cover provides you with the facility to pick up and deliver the spare keys, along with the car unlocking services.   

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Roadside Assistance Cover

When you buy a car insurance policy with an add-on, it is crucial to know about various related terms and conditions. It will ensure that you will not be in for a surprise while asking for claims. 

You should know the following facts about roadside assistance add-on:

  • You can use it for a specific number of times in a year, as defined in the policy. These terms may vary from one insurance company to the other.
  • It should only be used in situations when there is no other option available. However, if you can take the car to a nearby mechanic safely, then this add-on may not help.
  • You will not get the benefits of this add-on if you are found drunk or without a valid license. 

Avoid Roadside Hassles by Opting for Adequate Car Insurance Cover
While there are several ways to save money on car insurance, including roadside assistance cover does worth the price you pay additionally for the same. It is because you never know when you would need such services. Alongside, it is crucial to select adequate coverage under the basic car insurance policy and check the market reputation of the insurer. If you are looking for a new car insurance policy with selective add-ons, choose Tata AIG as your insurance partner. They are known for their customer services and smooth claim settlement process. Safeguard your car with insurance add-ons to avoid worrying about the risk involved when you are on the road.

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