What Does Your T-shirt Say About You?

Printed t-shirts have been and continue to be a staple in clothing. Though many different symbols, sayings and fads have come and gone, the underlying concept of the printed t-shirt has persevered. That is because t-shirts help to spread messages, and the wearers serve as messengers. As such, you should be fully aware of what your t-shirt is saying about you.

Depending upon the type of print and the way in which it is printed, your t-shirt could be saying a few things. Printed tees with common sayings or specific verbiage are pretty easy to decipher. Usually, the wording means exactly what it says or it stems from a popular saying. For instance, one of the most common printed t-shirts recognized around the world boasts, “I Love NY.” It is a familiar t-shirt for NY locals as well as those who have or desire to visit the iconic state. Prints such as this one are pretty safe; however you may want to be more careful with prints in foreign languages, as well as those with symbols. To make sure that you are not boasting a message that you do not agree with, a little internet searching can go a long way.

Bottom line, whether you are rocking an iconic t-shirt or a stylistic symbol, make sure that you agree with the message. Learn about the background of some of the most iconic tees in the infographic below.

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