What My Dream Car Would Look Like

What My Dream Car Would Look Like

I’ve always thought about what my dream car would look like. I can just picture it in my head and I know precisely the colors and everything. I want the whole outside to be a matte white or matte black color. I want some nice rims as well, ones that will match the outside color of the car and the color of the interior, I picture it having Katana Wheels GTM 1 rims with a black and red stripe finish.

Now, onto the inside, it’ll have cherry red leather seats with black stitching. To keep the leather seats looking nice I want Chucky themed seat covers and a steering wheel cover as well, and maybe even Chucky themed car rugs. It’ll match the whole red and black scheme I’m going for. Even the carpet in the back and front will be red as well. The whole dashboard and infotainment area will be red with black accents. The instrument cluster will light up red when it starts to get dark as well. The windows of course will have a dark tint, but not too dark. To learn more about window tint.

Now, I do want some cool accessories and features in the car as well. Like two T.V. monitors in the back of the head rest of each front seat. Each will have their own system and cords so they can play different things at different times. There will be a center console in between the back seats, when lifted there will be a small little mini fridge that can hold up to 12 oz. drinks. There will be USB outlets built into the side of the fridge for the passengers to plug in their phones to charge or any other digital device. Under it you can pull out cup holders. The front of the car will have cup holders that pull out from the center console but no mini fridge. I haven’t exactly thought about if I want it to be a two door or a four door, I’m not even sure what kind of car I want. But I sure know what colors I want the outside and interior to look like though!

What does your dream car look like?


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