What My Dream House Would Look Like

I always think about if I won the lottery what I would do with it. I know 100% I would want to build my own house from scratch. A dream house. I would want to make it how I want it, from room to room. Of course I would want it to be big like a castle sort of, with the dark stones and bricks on the outside. More on the Gothic castle side, with black metal fences and big metal doors leading to the walkway up to the front of the house. It would look all spooky on the outside but beautiful and welcoming on the inside, with golden honey wood floors and a stone fireplace. A big kitchen with white granite counters, with an island in the middle. Double ovens, silver two door fridge – the whole sha-bang. 

Of course, the house would have 3 floors, not counting the attic and basement. A long staircase going up and have a platform and a floor with a few bedrooms and bathrooms then the stairs go up more for more bedrooms. I want hidden rooms, too, that only certain people know of. I want cool holes and tunnels built for my pets to travel around in. I know my kids would want cool looking rooms that fit their personal tastes. Like my youngest son would want a cool gamer/super hero room. My daughter would want a cool horror themed room and my oldest son would want a car themed room.

I would want a balcony for the master bedroom the over looked the woods in the back of the house. I would want a deck too with a nice in ground pool for the kids. So, so much more I want to do. Back to reality, I may not have the money to build dream house right now but I can always get home loan solutions from NPBS to do some home renovations. 

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