What to Do Financially If Out Of Work from a Car Accident

The statement that accidents are somewhat inevitable cannot be overemphasized. It’s the last scenario anyone wants to find themselves in, especially due to the turmoil that follows shortly after the wreck, including physical pain, emotional suffering, trauma, and, of course, financial disarray.

The impact of road accidents is more often than not unforgiving. Especially if the crash caused a personal or trauma, the victim might not be fit for work, which brings in the possibility of losing income. Things get financially difficult, one might not even be able to put groceries on the table, let alone cover their medical bills.

If you have been pushed out of work as a result of a car crash, however, all is not lost. There are a few things you can do to kick start your financial recovery journey. From filing compensation claims through your lawyer to borrowing and seeking statutory sick pay, here are a few tips on what you can do financially to ease your suffering after getting involved in a car accident.

Seek Compensation

If you are not to blame for the car accident, one of the first things to think about should be filing an accident compensation claim. You can seek monetary recompense from the other party or their insurer for the injuries suffered.  

Perhaps the other driver was driving while intoxicated, or they were chatting on the phone. Maybe they were speeding or even driving recklessly. Perhaps their bad sleeping habits caused the accident. The causes, as well as the circumstances of road accidents, vary widely.

Also, whether or not you’re compensated will depend on the solidity of the evidence you provide, which David Aylor and his team would recommend getting a seasoned car accident attorney to help you seek compensation. David Aylor represents car accident victims, helping them get the justice they deserve through financial compensation, which can be done in or out of court.

Experienced lawyers can help you maneuver the whole process until you get a generous amount of cash to cater for various damages. Some of the damages you could recover may include:

  • Medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Disability
  • Punitive damages

The best part about hiring a reputed lawyer is that you don’t have to worry about paying consultation fees. Most of them will work on a contingency basis, where you only pay a commission if they win the case and you get compensated.  

Universal Credit

Depending on your country, most governments offer financial help if one is rendered unproductive at work due to an accident or any other health-related problem. If you develop a disability out of a car accident, you can benefit from handouts from the government.

Often common in the UK and given to low-income individuals, universal credit support is meant to cater to essential basic needs such as rent, groceries, and other living costs. Other types of financial aid include grants and tax credits. Reach out to a government representative, either through a lawyer or personally for financial help if you are a victim of a car accident.  

Workplace Aid Scheme

Medical bills can be overwhelming. It’s one of the biggest hurdles any car accident victim can face. Most Employers have a designed plan to support their employees financially in the eventuality of an accident, extended illness, or any other condition that might have caused an employee not to perform their duties at work.

An employee is paid for a certain amount or the whole salary during their recovery period. Your employer can also have a paid-out scheme where the costs of your treatment are catered for. As an employee, make sure to consult with your departmental head to find out if there are any obtainable support services.  

Auto Insurance

A car mishap can turn your beautiful life upside down financially, and this cannot be stressed hard enough. At one time you are enjoying a high life, the next minute you are dry and nil in your bank account. This is why auto insurance is a mandatory requirement for every driver, and as you may already know, driving a car without proof of insurance is actually a crime in any state or country. It provides compensation for any loss in the event of an accident.

Depending on the package you take on for your insurance, most pay medical bills and lost wages for their clients. However, you will be required to inquire from your insurance agent on whether you are entitled to a settlement or not. If you broke a leg or a hand during the accident, for instance, you may automatically qualify for a wage for at least 12 months till you get back to work.   

Personal Injury Claim

Are you worried about how to get some extra cash after a car accident injury? Many avenues can chip in a few bucks in your wallet as you wait to heal from your injuries. As a claimant in the personal injury case, you are eligible to receive compensation for any out-of-pocket losses incurred as a result of the car accident.

Some of the most common damages you could be compensated for include medical treatment and medication costs, travel expenses, vehicle repairs, and so forth. However, you need to produce evidence like receipts and documents to recover compensation for each expense.

If you prove beyond reasonable doubt that the injury or illness resulting from your accident was a result of someone else’s negligence, you will easily be reimbursed. Nonetheless, you will need to work with a seasoned personal injury attorney with a high win rate to maximize the chances of recovering compensation.

Consider Statutory Sick Pay

If you have suffered an accident that has thrown you out of work, you don’t have to bear the pain solely. Statutory sick pay is a fund paid by your employer for a minimum of at least 28 days. It caters to the days when you are not able to work.

However, there is a certain basis that you must meet to qualify to obtain statutory sick off. One among them includes that you must have been absent from work for at least four consecutive days. Additionally, paid sick leave is not mandatory in the US, so you might want to check with your employer to see if they provide this facility.

Income Protection Insurance

Last but not least, income protection insurance could come to your financial rescue in case you’re injured in an accident and can’t work. Lost income, as earlier mentioned, is one of the tribulations faced by car accident victims who suffer injuries from the crash. It can affect one’s life tremendously if the employer does not offer financial support or is inconsiderate.

This is why taking income protection insurance beforehand comes in handy in case of the unexpected. It allows you to lay claim to financial support if the injuries sustained rendered you unable to work. The policy gives you a certain percentage of your salary continually until you are back on your feet and healthy to work.

A car accident can throw you into a vegetative state. It affects your mental, physical, and emotional health, not forgetting your ability to work. This ends up impacting heavily on your financial well-being. It is not unheard of to find yourself struggling to provide basic needs like a good meal, let alone paying your medical bills. 

Nonetheless, we have seen that there are several avenues you can use to get your financial wellness back in order even as you recuperate. You can even approach one of these legal lenders who lend you money to cater to your needs for a commission, which you only pay when and if you win your accident compensation claim.

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