What to Know About Visiting India

If India isn’t already on your travel radar, there are perhaps a lot of reasons it should be. Some of the reasons people cite as to why they’ve loved traveling to India include the natural beauty, architecture,and the stunning sights and sounds you’ll see essentially everywhere. 

The following are things to know about traveling to India, including reasons to go, and logistic considerations such as what to know about getting a visa to go there. 

Travel Documents

There are different types of visas for India that may be required, based on your nationality and your plans for visiting the country. 

Several years ago, India started using an eVisa which is now available to nationals from more than 160 countries. The UK is one of the countries eligible for an eVisa. If you’re from the U.S., you will need to apply for a visa as well, and you will need a passport that’s valid for six months before applying. 

There are different visa categories,including tourist visas, business visas,and medical visas. 

Other Logistics

When traveling somewhere like India, which may be very different from any place you’ve been previously, it’s useful to have an idea of some of the things to expect, particularly in terms of potential differences. 

First, you may encounter quite a few squat toilets. If you’re in tourist-friendly locations or you’re in your hotel, you may not. However, in many of the public places,including monuments and attractions, there may be squat toilets. 

You may also want to bring your own toilet paper and wet wipes. 

It’s common to see cows wandering around, so don’t be alarmed.

As far as money, you can usually find ATMs throughout most of the major tourist areas. 

When you’re checking into your hotel in India, you can expect a bit of bureaucracy as well, particularly compared to what you might be used to. There are government regulations requiring you to fill out quite a bit of paperwork.

You’ll also usually need to have your passport when you check into a hotel. 

While India is a modern country, it’s also one that’s considered fairly conservative in terms of clothing. If you’re a woman, you might want to avoid wearing clothing that’s too revealing. 

Bringing some diarrhea tablets is something to do because it’s not uncommon to feel sick in the country since you aren’t necessarily used to the food, and there are also bacteria in the water that your body isn’t used to. 

Reasons to Visit India

So, once you get the technicalities out of the way, what about the fun things?

There are many reasons people visit India, so it’s nearly impossible to narrow them down,but some of them include:

  • The Taj Mahal which some people might describe as the most famous monument on the planet. The Taj Mahal is the symbol of India, and one of the seven wonders of the world. 
  • The food is another reason India might be a travel destination you consider. The food is something that’s unique and diverse, and incredibly flavorful. India is one of the best destinations forfoodies. Depending on what part of the country you’re in, you’ll find different types of food. For example, in the northern part of India, the food is centered more around thick and creamy curries, and there is Persian influence. In the southern part of India, food may be spicier and include coconut and seafood. 
  • If you’re a beach-lover, India has plenty to offer you as well. Along the south are beaches with palm trees, and a quiet, calm environment. The southern beaches are more remote and quiet than the beaches in Goa, which have more tourists and larger crowds. 
  • Religion and spirituality are front and center in India, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to participate in rituals,or you can practice yoga. India is home to all of the world’s major religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Finally, as you’re planning your India itinerary, a few things to remember. First, India is a country full of hustle and bustle. There is nearly constant stimulation everywhere you turn, and that’s part of the beauty of visiting, but it can also be very overwhelming. 

You can easily get exhausted simply by all the sites and sounds you’re taking in, so try to plan some quiet time to relax and unwind everyday. Don’t try to do everything while you’re in India. It’s a vast country, and it’s impossible to do everything so plan on doing those things most important to you. 

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