What to Look for in a Condo When Moving as a Family

Condos aren’t just for young singles and couples and retired people. The number of condos you’ll find in the Seattle area that are ideal for families with kids may surprise you. Meet with the Seattle area condo experts at the Stroupe Group and discuss what to look for in a condo for your entire family.

More Bathrooms

Many Seattle condos offer two full bathrooms — and some even offer two and a half or three full bathrooms. When you’re trying to get everyone in the family off to school and work, you need extra bathrooms to allow your entire family ample time to get ready. You’ll deal with fewer arguments between your kids if one doesn’t have to wait for the other to finish in the bathroom.

Extra Rooms or Loft Space

When moving a family into a condo, look for two bedroom properties at minimum. However, if you have more than one child, search for three bedroom units — or a two bedroom unit with a loft space. Some designs have such an ample loft you can make a bedroom without doors. Use screens to give the family member(s) in the loft more privacy.

More Storage

Condos with a large garage, a basement or even simply a separate storage unit are best for families, especially if you’re moving from a house. You have more belongings than you think, and once you see them in a condo, you’ll realize you need ample storage space to keep everything you need. Some units have a sizeable laundry area or extra closets that may serve your storage needs well enough.

When it comes to moving a family to Seattle, a condo is actually your best bet. The number of bigger houses in the area is limited because of the metropolitan landscape, and the closest ones require a longer commute into the city. The best condos for families in Seattle offer as much — if not more — than houses.

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