What to Ride When Having a Long Trip

What to Ride When Having a Long Trip

One of the best experiences you can ever get out of your personal travels is when you have a recreational vehicle. In more than just a few ways, it makes you feel at home while you’re away from home. The good thing about RVs, travel trailers, and campers is that they come with features and facilities that a conventional road trip or camping trip won’t provide. Most recreational vehicles and motorhomes are actually designed to mimic mini-mobile homes. To get the most out of your vacation road trip or summer adventure, it is important to bear in mind that there are quite a number of RV options for you, both for hire and for purchase. It all depends on your budget and specific needs at that time.

This having been said, here are a few pointers on what to ride when having a long trip.

Class A Motorhome

When you’re having a long RV trip, a class A motorhome is one of your best options on the market. Considering the fact that they are somewhat spacious and accommodate lots of features and facilities, class A motorhomes tend to be the best options when comfort is a primary concern. They provide you with a larger square footage of space and often range somewhere from 29ft. to 45 ft. long. Riding in a class A RV means that about 5-7 people can tag along during your trip. If you’re RVing with family, this one can be the best option for you. Most of them come with a full kitchen, a bathroom, plenty of awnings, slide outs, and much more. However, on the flipside of the coin, they tend to also be the most expensive recreational vehicles on the market. From cabinets to air conditioning, heating, and cooling, they basically give you almost all the basic features you can get in a good small apartment.

Class B Motorhome

A Class B motorhome can be a great alternative when you want to ride small without having to bring along a lot of baggage. Most options are suitable for individuals to small families. Due to their smaller build, class B RVs are often less expensive to procure, park, fuel, and ride. They can be great for small camping adventures where comfort and luxury are a bit less of concerns.

Class B+ Motorhome

The B+ is a bit larger than the conventional Class B, but smaller than the Class A motorhome. This is both in terms of the size and the luxury/features that are offered. Most of them provide features such as a standup shower-bath combo in the places of the small wet bath provided by their class B counterparts. Custom options are also widely available. however, the main idea is to make use of every possible inch of space to your advantage when it comes to luxury and comfort. Most options also come with twin beds and sofa beds.

Class C Motorhome  

After the B and the B+, we have the Class C motorhome. This one offers more in terms of size, features, and facilities than its predecessors. It tends to be the most cost-effective option to go with, regardless of the length of your trip.

When going for a long adventure trip in an RV, it is important to know that the rig you chose will affect your level of comfort and enjoyment. Size, price, feature, and facilities are some of the things that matter. Also, whether you’re going to a rented RV or one to purchase will also have an impact on your convenience, freedom, and level of comfort. When thinking of buying an RV that will suit your needs, be sure to do your research well. There are many RV vendors, most of which vary in terms of variety, pricing, warranty, and customization. Oaktree Motorhomes is a good example of a provider that you will hardly regret working with.  

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