What to Watch for When The Check Engine Light Comes on

Not many people are very car savvy, they aren’t sure exactly what to do in a car emergency besides call a tow truck or a nearby mechanic. But when worse comes to worse you should know a little thing or two about your car when something goes wrong.

For example, when your check engine light comes on, most of the time it won’t be a major problem but sometimes it can be. So here are a few signs to look for when you notice your check engine light comes on, whether  you should get it checked out now or later.

Strange Noises

When your check engine light comes on and you hear some strange noises, like rattling, hissing, knocking, popping or other unusual sounds, then you need to get your engine checked ASAP.


If your engine starts to smoke and you see it coming out from under your front hood, along with seeing smoke, if you also smell bad odors coming from your car you really need to get your car checked out by a professional.


If your car dies, and you just lose power in your car it is definitely an issue with your engine because if your engine doesn’t work right then it won’t be able to convert gasoline into power throughout your car.

Car doesn’t start/engine stalling

It is very uncommon for a car that is automatic to stall, this usually means that the engine is not receiving the right mixture of air and fuel. Getting it checked out as soon as possible will prevent further problems.

Decline in gas mileage

If and when your check engine light comes on and you soon notice that after filling up your gas tank, it doesn’t take you as far as it used to, and you’re just blowing through gas too fast, you need to get your engine checked out. If this happens it usually means your engine compression is not good.

Next time your check engine light comes on keep these signs in mind so you know how serious of an issue it is and if you need to get it looked at by a professional soon.

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