What Weather Will Be Expected?

This may sound like a moot point, as the weather can never be predicted. But is it worthwhile putting up a flimsy structure when the garden is in direct line of strong winds (for example on top of a cliff), or in an area where water will not pool away, meaning that the owner will have to wade through rainwater when they go to the shed? A portable shed will often have a soakaway option built into the flooring of the structure, but may also be liable to blowing over or even falling to pieces in exposure to strong wind. That said, a fixed shed structure can easily have flooring made to accommodate rainwater and natural damp that comes up through the soil beneath it. Similarly, a fixed, permanent shed may be more able to withstand those gusts of wind, but with a downside that rot is more common amongst wooden variants. 

Finding The Right Shed

With the disappearance of Winter and Autumn, and the move into Spring, there is no greater joy than planning the repair or replacement of that tired old shed. For any keen gardener or active family, having a shed in the garden creates the ideal ‘escape place’ where one can tinker with tools, toys and pots, or store the beloved Gazebo and barbecue combo. However, it’s not just a case of heading out and buying the first shed that is on sale, or refurbishing the rickety old pile of wood that currently houses the golf clubs. Several different factors need to be considered, but with the bit of thought, the perfect garden accompaniment will soon be taking pride of place and complementing the overall look of the garden.

How Much Maintenance Do They Require?

It’s not enough to simply build the shed and then not worry about it. Part of the shed’s longevity will be down to effective and regular maintenance. Regular need not mean weekly or monthly; infact, every Summer, or even every other year, can often be enough if done correctly. Fixed sheds arguably require more maintenance than their portable counterparts, with more wooden flooring and walls, as well as felt roofing which will degrade over time. However, a portable garden shed will also require attention, but for different reasons; metal sheds will be prone to rust, so will require a fresh coat of paint every few years.

Maintenance and outside weather are the main issues that will make the decision of fixed versus portable a fundamental one. Size and purpose of the shed can be accommodated by any type available for sale, but it’s necessary to play the long game; will the shed need to be moved with the next house move, rendering a fixed shed unsuitable? Does the shed need to double up as a summer house, which few portable sheds can do without looking ugly? Bear these factors in mind, and the correct shed will soon be sat in the garden receiving plenty of use.

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