What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Adventure?

Fall is here and it’s the perfect time for doing fun outdoor activities. Rather than doing them in summer, the heat and moving around so much doesn’t help, and in the winter it’s just too cold. The fall has the perfect weather and environment for so many things to do. Camping, kayaking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, hiking, etc.

To even start thinking about what you plan on doing, you need to make sure you have the right gear for your activities. I mean you can’t bring a knife to a gun fight, you have to be prepared……what you need to do is visit, The Clymb, no not like Miley Cyrus’s song; The Climb, is a great website that sells all the outdoor gear you need.

The Clymb is a website that offers insider pricing on premium outdoor gear, trend-setting apparel, and human-powered adventure travel packages. This site even has a membership feature, and it’s free! Their team is full of ‘trailblazers’ and ‘pathfinders’ that aim higher for personal and professional development in their industry. They are so devoted to innovation, customer service and stewardship it has helped them become the fastest growing e-tailer in the outdoor industry.

What's Your Favorite Outdoor Adventure?

The Clymb provides so many products for both men and woman, from footwear, apparel, camp, cycle, fitness, to snow and surf/skate. But just wait, THERE’S MORE! Literally they have so much more stuff, they don’t just offer outdoor gear they have things like watches, sunglasses, things for pets and kids, phone & tablet cases! And yes, there’s more. You’ll just have to visit their site to see how much more.

They carry a wide range of brands like Kästle, De Marchi, Wilder & Sons, Sperry, Terramar, Profile Designs, etc. Once you visit this site you won’t leave without finding something you like, want, need, or better yet actually purchase. For woman, they have tons of things, so many varieties of shoes; hiking shoes, running shoes, and just casual footwear. The Clymb’s Women’s Trail Running Shoe’s have a big variety. From brand, make, performance, etc. There is even a sale going on for their women’s trail running shoes. Not just women’s things, there is a sale going on for The Clymb’s Running Shoes, Tents, Kyaking Dry Suits, Ski Boots, Snowboard Pants, Snowboards, and more.

The season is great to go camping in, nice warm days, and cold nights to sit around the fire with friends. The Clymb offer’s camping gear, like sleeping bags & pads, tents, camp accessories, stoves & utensils, etc. They have tents like the Kelty Screen Chalet Tent, and the ALPS Mountaineering Aries 2 Tent.

Maybe you’re a big cyclist, The Clymb has cycling gloves, helmets, bikes & frames, and more. The Clymb offers helmets like the POC Frontal Helmet, Scott Shadow III Helmet and the Louis Garneau Sharp Helmet. Or you could be a big hiker, they offer tons of hiking shoes, clothes, bags, and accessories.

Maybe you’re not such an outdoorsey person and just want some cool stuff. Check in their more section, and you can get phone cases like the Quicksilver Four G iPhone Case, Looptworks Hainan Phone Sleeve SG, and the YurBuds Race Case for the iPhone 5. Or maybe a trendy messenger bag or maybe you want to get your dog a cool, durable new collar or leash.

The Clymb has so many things they currently have a great sale going on so head on over there and get some great, premium products for less.

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