When Hybrid Vehicles First Arrived Onto The Scene

Back when I was 22 years old, and got my first car I never thought of what would be the best. I was just happy to have anything at the time that would get me back and forth to my waitress job. My first car was a Dodge that cost me only $700, and it was used. It was a pretty good car back then too. Plus it was the best in the snow.

As the years went by I had better jobs and was able to afford a much better vehicle than that old Dodge. I also had 3 kids and had to think about what was best for them and my family. As you know raising 3 kids is not cheap so the car I choose had to be good on gas mileage too. So we ended up getting a small Oldsmobile but big enough for the kids. Not to high on gas mileage but ok for us at the time. That car lasted us about 7 years before we started having major issues that were not worth fixing compared to what we paid for the car which was $4000 used.

So our next vehicle we are considering possibly getting is a hybrid car. My number one reason would be to save on gas, and my second reason would be because they are earth friendly.

When hybrid vehicles first arrived onto the scene, many drivers were reluctant to give them a chance. Although hybrid cars have improved dramatically since that time, there are still some motorists that still hold a negative image of them. Here are some of the myths being circulated about hybrid vehicles.

Myth #1- Hybrids lack enough power
The hybrid engines of today have a power output that is on par with the traditional gasoline engines. In some instances, the hybrid engines are actually more potent due to the assistance of the electric motor.

Myth #2- Hybrids vehicles are not reliable
This myth could not be further from the truth. The hybrid cars of today are engineered to withstand the test of time. With regular maintenance, it is not uncommon to see hybrid vehicles on the road that have racked up in excess of 200,000 miles. Models such as the toyota prius v offers years of dependability to the owner with minimum problems.

Myth #3- Hybrids are not worth the cost
The fact of the matter is that the majority of hybrid vehicles do not demand a significantly higher price tag. Not only do they reward the owner with excellent fuel economy, but the government also offers certain tax incentives for choosing an environmentally-friendly means of transportation.

Myth #3- They lack style
Once glance at the newest hybrids on the market will instantly disprove this myth. Often times, you can not tell the difference between a hybrid and a non-hybrid vehicle.

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