When to Call a Lawyer After a Car Crash in Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo is an economy-friendly city with people dedicated to helping each other grow and succeed. While this part of California is devoted to its people’s well-being and overall quality-way of life, Mission Viejo is no exception to disasters and fatalities.

Car accident fatalities in Mission Viejo may not be that significant compared to the entire state, but they still need to be noted. Although not all crashes result in casualties, many still require medical attention for those involved in the accident.

The next few days or even weeks are usually devoted to checkups and follow-ups, depending on the gravity of the injury sustained in the crash. These are also the most stressful days since victims or their representatives need to coordinate with insurance companies and authorities to get the compensation they deserve. 

When this happens, it is essential to contact the most experienced car injury lawyer mission viejo ca. Doing so will help you get the best claims and compensation for your situation. 

Why Hire a Car Injury Lawyer?

Car accidents are traumatic for anybody who experiences it. Not to mention going through one affects your life and work after the incident. Most of the time, people usually put the legal side of the incident on the back burner, especially when only minor injuries were sustained.

However, having an attorney on board can help you save time, effort, and even money. While you worry about you or your loved one’s injuries, an experienced car accident attorney will check and verify all the details of the crash. They will directly communicate with the police, the other party involved, as well as insurance companies.

Their job entails checking all the legalities and determining the compensation you should be getting for damages.

Do You Still Need a Lawyer even When You are Covered by Insurance?

Remember, insurance companies also have their own set of lawyers looking over every single claim submitted. They are getting paid to limit the compensation given to car crash victims as much as possible.

You will need medical treatment for the injuries you sustained during the crash, but not all insurance companies will be generous. Facing insurance companies on your own may be a daunting task in itself, and you might end up with practically nothing at all. 

When this happens to you or anyone close to you, ask for help from the most experienced car injury lawyer in Mission Viejo, CA, to get the compensation you deserve.

When Do You Call a Car Injury Lawyer?

It is always best to have a car injury lawyer on retainer in case of emergencies. Or at the very least, have one on speed dial. 

Hire a lawyer right at the beginning of an accident or even before that. This way, your attorney will be able to protect your rights throughout the entire process. For crashes involving fatalities or even those involving negligence, lawyers will be able to make sure all police reports are accurate.

Calling a lawyer should not be postponed for too long. It is to make sure you are getting the compensation you deserve.

What Injuries Should You Look Out For? 

  1. Head Injuries – A minor concussion goes away after a few days, but more complex brain damages may affect a person’s life and future. 
  2. Broken Bones – Due to passengers get thrown around during an accident, many bones tend to get broken. They range from a broken finger to a painful rib fracture. 
  3. Whiplash – Commonly known as whiplash, muscle and ligament strain in the neck often happens in car accidents. Muscles in the neck may swell, causing problems with the vocal cord as well. 
  4. Heart Attacks and Strokes – People with heart conditions may experience issues with their health after a traumatic car accident. It can be caused by shock or internal bleeding in the chest. People with hypertension may also end up with elevated blood pressure, resulting in mild or major strokes. 
  5. Herniated Disc – Like ribs, the spine is another sensitive part of the skeletal system. Severing will result in death, but in most cases, the discs shift out of place. A herniated disc causes debilitating pain, which affects daily activities. 

Accidents happen, therefore, you need to be prepared for it, with both comprehensive insurance and competent legal advice. Look for a car injury lawyer to put on retainer in Mission Viejo, CA, to make sure an expert covers your legal needs for accidents.

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