Why a Flat Panel Radiator is the Best Option for Your Home

One of the most exciting innovations in home heating is the flat panel radiator. These radiators are sleek, streamlined, and tastefully constructed with the aim of complementing the space they inhabit rather than dominating it. Flat panel radiators are not only fashionable and aesthetically pleasing; they also offer many distinct advantages which are as follows:

Minimalist and Unobtrusive

Many architects and designers once loathed the inability to heat a home in a way that was both functional and elegant, without having heating appliances take away from the look of the environment by projecting their considerable bulk and clunky lines into the room. Flat radiators are perfectly suited for modern, minimalist designs due to their unobtrusive construction.

Unique Radiant Qualities

With their ingenious design features, flat panel radiators can be hung directly onto walls, regardless of the available dimensions, and the heat they produce is projected outwards, not back towards the mounting surface. This means they offer creative fixing and mounting alternatives and fire hazards are reduced.

Flexible Proportions

Panel radiators come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are perfect for adapting to an existing environment, rather than being specifically catered for in the design phase. Many models can be viewed and purchased from www.radiatorfactory.net and these flat panels can be long and wide, or very narrow and tall. They are well suited beneath low windows or in the small but elongated spaces remaining between windows. Panels are perfect for bathrooms as they take space from elements such as showers, baths, and basins and are able to fit into the most compact nooks and crannies.

Efficient Heat Generators

Flat panel radiators are amongst the most efficient heat generators on the market. They build up and radiate heat quickly but should the heat need to be lowered they can also be finely controlled by a thermostat and dissipate heat rapidly. This is essential when a delicate temperature balance is required and very different from old style radiators that take a long time to heat up and cool down. The fast heating capacity of flat panel radiators also equates to tremendous savings in fuel and energy costs as there is no lag time waiting for heat, which benefits both the home homeowner and the environment in general.

Silent Operation

Unlike traditional radiators, flat panel heaters operate soundlessly. There are no gurgles, clanks, rattles, and tapping due to their thin and broad design.

Air and Dust Free

Flat panel radiators do not require annoying fans to circulate the heat they generate. They work on via radiant convection and therefore do not cause dried eyes and sinuses. Their quiet, fan free operation also means they do not stir up dust and circulate it into the surrounding area. This is a boon for those with allergies and sensitive respiratory ailments.

Child Safe

Flat panel radiators contain no naked flames or moving parts making them an ideal choice for environments where young children are present. They are well suited for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms and are strictly regulated to produce heat within a safe temperature range that if one were to accidently brush against a panel, it would not cause a burn to occur.

Colourful Designs

Due to the nature of their construction, flat panel radiators can come in a variety of colours shapes, sizes, and designs. These include stainless steel and durable powder coated metals. Many manufactures offer huge stocks at low prices, meaning a choice of heaters with bright and cheery colour schemes, not just standard beige or white as seems to be the rule for other boring appliances.

Space Saving

The compact design of flat panel radiators require little space to be installed, leaving what is available to be filled with furniture and décor instead. These flat panels are perfect for spaces below benches, in hallways and some panels can even be mounted to the ceiling in order to radiate heat downwards.

The benefits of flat panel radiators are many and varied. Having an appliance that is functional, well designed and quite fashionable is a distinct advantage compared to the outdated designs of yesteryear. Now, rather than struggling to find a pleasant heating solution for one’s home, there is a delightfully staggering range of options to choose from. When it comes to personalising one’s living space, having more choice is always a positive.


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