Why Does Your Dog Want To Attack Another Dog?

This is quite a common question that appears among dog owners. If we take a look on internet forums or even on social networks like My Pawson, we instantly notice that a lot of people have problems with aggressiveness in their dogs to other dogs. That is something that you may not understand and there are many things that can be said. However, here are some facts that you absolutely need to know.


Before we get to the list, make sure that you neuter or spay the pets at young ages. That will keep them from developing that aggression when they mature but it will also help your pet to be more protected against various cancer types as he ages. Besides that, remember this:

A Dog Needs To Socialize

Lack of socialization can easily lead towards aggression in dogs. That is why you are taught as a dog owner to make sure that your puppy socializes with other dogs. The period of socialization ranges from birth to 20 weeks old. The pet can only be around other dogs in the event that he socializes early. In the event that you do not do this, your dog will become aggressive between 1 and 2 years old. Special training would be necessary then.

Lack Of Training

If dogs are not trained, they can easily become really aggressive. It is a shame to notice so many out there that do not think about training their dogs and then they do not understand what happens as they age. A dog requires obedience training or he will not know what is wrong or what is right. You can teach the dog to behave as in a pack but with you being the pack leader. The dog would respect you and will only listen to your command to become aggressive.

The Need To Protect

Dogs love humans. This is a really well known thing. Because of a natural wish to protect the owner, a dog can become aggressive towards other dogs. A part of the problem associated with this need to protect is connected to lack of training. When you do not train your dog, he will want to be alpha at all times. That means he will not like it when pack members (including you) are in danger, even if there is no real danger.


Aggression can easily develop in so many dogs, without us knowing why it happens. It is really important that we do not let this escalate. If you notice that the dog is showing aggression towards dogs, humans or any other animal, you have to contact a behavioral specialist or a trainer as soon as you can. Try to find one that really knows what he is doing and that has a lot of experience. In many situations, acting fast is what keeps the dog in check. Just make sure that you do not hurt the dog since that will make him become even more aggressive as time passes. The trainer will help you a lot.

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    These are some great tips and socialization is very important in dogs. Thanks for sharing.

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