Why Driving Lessons Can Make You Feel More Confident on the Road

Remember when you first acquired your Driver’s License? First having to study signs and road symbols and laws and take a 4 hour driving course then to pass your written test,  finally having your parents allow you to practice on the only family car. After driving mom to her spin classes and your brother to school or to the grocery store for milk and bread and you were ready to take the driving test at the local DMV.

You were so nervous yet confident because you knew what the yellow dashed road lines meant, how to get over in a lane properly, how to parallel park like a pro. You even took that driving course that gave you so much knowledge.

Fast forward to now,  you drive every where, you make more than normal mistakes while driving because your memory of roads signs and laws are a little blurry now. But you’re older and feel embarrassed to take a driving course to refresh your driving knowledge. But let me tell you, first you’re never too old to learn to drive and there is no shame in retaking driving lessons. Let me give some reasons why taking a driving course is so beneficial no matter if you’re just getting your license or you’ve already had it for years.

1. It’s required.

If you haven’t gotten your drivers license already, in most states it’s required to take a 4 hours driving course with drug and alcohol learning components. Especially if you need to take the permit test, it’s required to take the course to be knowledgable enough to pass the written test.

2. So you won’t get in trouble with law enforcement.

Over time if you’ve forgotten some basic road laws, at the moment you might not thinks it’s a big deal, but once you see those blue and red flashing lights in your rearview you’re in big trouble. Like when you saw a sign you weren’t really sure what it meant. Then you made a u-turn, come to find out that sign was a “no u-turn” sign.

3. Safety

For your safety and others on the road, knowing how to drive properly and being a defense driver can keep you and other drivers on the road safe. Keeping up on the a driving courses key points can help you be aware of certain laws and ways of driving that are safe.

4. Confidence

The more comfortable and confident you are on the road after knowing the right things to do will make you a great driver. Do you remember how much you studied that driving course when you were younger and felt so ready and confident on the road, you can always feel that way!

5. Quick and easy

You might say oh man I have to take driving night classes. No! In this day and age you can take a driving course on your phone in the comfort of you home, or friends home, or wherever you feel comfortable. Put on your pjs, pause Law and Order and catch up on the laws of the land! 

Victory Layne Chevrolet want to see you and your family safe on the roadways. 

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